Mark eyes up Emily’s hot ass-ets!

I’m A Celeb Producers wanted to spice things up in the jungle and the arrival of Saucy underwear model Emily Scott has certainly got the fire burning in Mark Wright’s loins.

The 28-year-old Aussie stunner instantly got the attention of all the boys in the camp with Mark and Dougie acting like bees around a honey pot.

The blonde bombshell’s 32D assets immediately caught the roving eye of TOWIE love rat Mark and he wasted no time in trying to chat up the model.

A clearly excited Mark said: “‘I heard someone say hello, and I turned around and first I saw blonde hair, then I saw a treasure chest!”

Within minutes Mark and Emily were making plans to go out in the Gold Coast once their time in the jungle was up, and Pat Sharp teased  Mark about moving in so quickly, calling him a  “a little tinker”.

“That fire’s looking good” said Mark, trying to change the subject.  “There’s a fire burning in your loins” teased Pat. Pat then pointed out that Emily’s skin was very fair. “Makes a change from an Essex girl” retorted Mark.

Later as Antony cooked, Pat again teased Mark telling him that Emily was there to ‘spice things up’ as Jessica-Jane was engaged.  And joking with Emily, Pat also stirred things up by saying “Emily, don’t sit back.  Or it will be a whole new meaning to ‘Emily’s got a hot ass’. “

“I like that one” she replied.  “Mark, I’ll leave the rest to you” laughed Pat.

But Emily wasn’t just a hit with the boys.

Glamour model Jessica-Jane in particular was delighted to have a new “playmate” in the camp.

She said: “It’s a nice change to have another younger girl. I have a new playmate!”

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