Inspirational new film to highlight ex-soldiers plight with post traumatic stress disorder

UK film maker to make new film THE CANDIDATE highlighting the plight of post traumatic stress in military veterans.

This film is looking for funding from individuals like you to make this happen and get this probelm into the public eye.

A story about betrayal, deceit, and paranoia as one man determines to change the political landscape through violent affirmative action

The Candidate – is a political thriller that focuses on one man’s selfless effort to change the landscape of the political arena and give voice to ordinary people who feel hamstrung to make change and be heard. It is a story about social mutiny, and the lengths some will go to ensure the masses are not taken for granted. The film is designed to challenge the expected way of things, stimulate debate, and court controversy.

We are making an intense, stylized short film  that we hope will act as a narrative template for a larger feature production. We are aiming to raise just enough money to cover basic production expenses for this 30 minute film – food, travel costs, insurances, and location permits. Everyone on board the project and all the equipment is being provided gratis – favours extended to the filmmakers in exchange for first options on any feature film project we can encourage.

The crew consists of highly experienced camera, sound, and production teams from within the UK film industry, post production services found in the heart of Soho, London, and a VFX team based in New Zealand with some amazing links to WETA workshops. We are graced by the consultation services of one of Hans Zimmer’s proteges, Walter Mair, as our Music Director, and a highly experienced Stunt Coordinator from Bond actioner “Casino Royale”. With the likes of Panavision, Panalux, and Technicolour on hand also, the production is well placed to deliver a highly polished short film with feature aspirations. Many of the crew have experience working together on feature productions already and so know how one another work.

The schedule is set for 6 days broken into successive weekends, with each major location occupying at least one of those weekend days. By keeping our filming schedule to the ordinary rest days of the 9-5 brigade, Saturday and Sunday, we ensure that every penny goes on the screen because participants are not having their ‘normal’ working hours intruded upon. Were it any other way then this project, at this budget, would just not be possible. Locations have been provided to us, gratis in most cases, but there will be inevitable need to pay for permits when we move filming onto public streets in the centre of London, with road closures, and large numbers of extras as have been planned for the final assassination scene.

The funds we are trying to raise are to cover food, warm beverages (we are shooting a bit at night), a travel card for cast and crew members each day of the schedule, insurance, and unavoidable location costs. Only like expenditures make this film possible. Without your support and generosity we would never be able to contemplate making such a film, let alone something so politically revolutionary.

Please help us to say something demonstrative about how we feel in this uncertain political landscape – at a time when every decision, every choice, is taken from us by political masters who think it acceptable to dictate and betray, and then conversely fail in their obligation to abide by the very laws they expect us to consider.

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