Krystal’s Late Summer Sizzler – Roxette Rocks



What should I call Ya? Roxette Rocks.


What have you been up to since we last spoke?  Well I’ve dyed my hair black! I’ve been working on XXXpanded TV, Webcam and photography work. Appeared in a few adult films ;) and been making new music and keeping busy had quite a few fm radio plays with my music and been asked to present on an fm station in Devon but its a bit far for me really. I have been DJing for criminal records once a month in Brighton. My fav tune has got to be bloodlines well it is no 1! 

 IMG_0417 (1)

Been upto any naughtiness lately?  I’ve been quite naughty yes. My car went up the creek and so I took it to get fixed at a car place on a farm and well….things got a bit greasy with the oil in the barn put it that way looool!!


Do you sunbathe Naked? I love sunbathing naked!!


Fave Hol destination? My fav holiday is defo Barbados coz lady time I met up wiv Rhianna’s cousin who’s in a band and I sung with them ….but i just love it there love the rum punch and ganja haha only kidding !!


Give us a random Sexy Fact for our readers about you A random sexy fact about me is that I’m really flexible and I can suck my own toes looooool!!!!!!  Join me on twitter @roxetterocks you can also view all my music on iTunes and Youtube by typing in my name Natalie Indya west

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