Krystal’s Summer Sizzlers – Jessica Jensen


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What name shall we refer to you as? Jessica Jensen

We all know you are a Daily Sport Readers fave! What have you been upto since we last spoke? I've been working hard and have shot for several more companies and naughty websites, and also been doing a bit of babe channel work which I enjoy :) I've also been working on developing my own "brand" for example I'm setting up a blog (not ready yet) and I'm designing my own logo, so I'm pretty excited about this! I also won the award for "Best Newcomer" at the 2012 UKAP Awards, which I see as being an achievement and it was also a really great night! 

0A1What's your fave tune of Summer 2013? There are loads but at the moment I'm really liking "Play Hard" by David Guetta!

Have you had any outdoor naughtiness this year ? if so spill... Unfortunately, nothing particularly "naughty", although I now have a hot tub in my garden and when my friend came over the other week we took some cheeky flashing photos in and around it, my neighbour's bedroom overlooks my garden so he could quite easily have seen us, although to be honest he probably wouldn't have batted an eyelid as I'm sure he's seen and heard all sorts of things coming from my house, as I also have a home studio where several naughty photo/video shoots have taken place!
Do you prefer to sunbathe naked? Actually, yes I do. I don't tan very easily, but when I do I'd rather not have obvious tan lines making an appearance on shoots, so I guess sunbathing naked is best and the most fun! (I'm actually sunbathing as I write this unfortunately I'm not naked though as this is a family beach and I'd rather not get kicked out.) 

What's your fave holiday destination? Definitely somewhere nice and warm- I like most parts of Spain and also would love to go to Miami. I also go on holiday with my family every year to Minehead which I also enjoy- I guess this is proof that you don't need to leave the UK to have a fun break away! 

DSC_0050Tell us a random sexy fact about you to share with our readers…… Ummmm.... Well I'm not sure this would be seen as "sexy", I'd refer to it more as "lazy", but when I'm webcamming, sometimes I need to pop out to get something from the corner shop, or on occasion, go to the kebab van (Well I guess I just killed any form of "sexy" factor there by admitting that I do enjoy the odd good ol' greasy kebab) But anyway- when I do need to leave my house, most of the time I don't bother to take off my camming outfit or put underwear on- I just put a coat and/or a skirt on and go out like that, meaning if there was to be a sudden gust of wind or my coat got caught on something, anyone walking or driving by- I live on a main road- would get a nice eyeful of my body ;)