Love Crazed Fan Freaks Out Our Jeana B

In an exclusive interview with Daily Sport top babe channel babe and glamour girl Jeana Brock tells how a seemingly innocent friend request on a social networking site turned into “Stalker Gate” and poor Jeana had to secure her profile and get the boys in blue involved who were only to happy to help a damsel in distress.

Jeana told DAILY SPORT “it all started when I got a friend request on FB which I accepted. We started chatting and it all seemed friendly enough. Then he asked if he could take me to dinner and a politely declined. He then started calling the Babe Channel I work on, every time I was on screen and things started to get a little obsessive. I’d told him in conversation that I’d just moved to a new flat in Surrey thinking nothing of it. Then one evening when a friend and I went out for dinner in a restaurant opposite my flat we saw him walking up the road towards us! He chatted to us for a few minutes and left. We went for dinner thinking nothing more of it that it was just a coincidence us bumping into him. Few days went by and I went out shopping and bumped into him again and this point I got a little freaked out and thought something’s wrong here. He saw me go into my apartment block. The following day he sent me a bouquet of flowers with a poem say how much in love with me he was and wanted to be with me. This really frightened me and I was shaking, thinking what’s going to happen next? So I went to the police and they intervened. I then blocked him from my page, secured my profile and warned all my friends about him. I then realised that looking back on this that I used to write things on my wall say where I was going for dinner or shopping and this must have been how he tracked me down.”

Jeana went on to say “I’ve learned my lesson now and I’d like to warn all other Daily Sport readers to be careful what the write on the wall and who they accept friend requests from, as you don’t know what you might be letting yourself in for.”

Daily Sport says – We take a very dim view of anyone scaring our girls, but don’t worry Jeana we’ll protect you;-)

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