Coitus in the cold


The weather has been atrocious, do you find that bad weather increases or decreases your interest in carnal activities? Do shifts in the weather have an effect on your libido at all? Some people find that bad weather increases their sexual activities as they don’t want to go out and just want to snuggle up to Netflix and chill, with the snuggles under blankets comes the exploration of hands. Others, however, find that the opposite occurs when the bad weather hits, they want to eat comfort food and hibernate.

Dear Dr D

I was so glad when we had some good weather as my other half has no interest in sex when the weather is bad. Now the weather is cold and wet again my sex life has disappeared. Is this normal and is there anything I can do to increase it?


Miss P”

There could be many reasons why our libido may drop when the temperature does, could it be an ancestral need to conserve energy, an ancient instinct to save our energy to get us through the tempestuous winter season? There is also a lack of spontaneity during bad weather, no alfresco friskiness, and even under the duvet, you may prefer to be in flannel pyjamas rather than sexy lingerie. With the days feeling dreary and dark, the lack of natural light may also be a factor as less serotonin is being produced in the brain and we need serotonin to increase our sexual desire. Winter and cold weather also tends to increase bad diets, it’s all that stodgy comfort food, and decreases our desire to exercise, both of these decrease our energy levels and increase seasonal depression which has an effect on the libido.

However, don’t fear that you have to put up with a lack of sexual activity whenever it gets cold. There are things you can do to counteract the effects of the season.

Keep active, go for a bracing walk in the fresh air, do an exercise video at home or simply dance around the kitchen while cooking dinner. Keeping active will give you some much-needed energy back and increase those necessary libido levels.

Eat a healthy and varied diet and add a vitamin D supplement. It is essential for the production of many important hormones. Add honey, chocolate, avocado, figs, bananas, almonds and salmon to your diet to increase your libido.

Change of scenery, go away for the weekend, book a night in a hotel for a cheeky night off.

Brighten up your home. Add brighter bulbs to counteract the lack of natural light and flashes of colour and luxurious materials to make your home or bedroom feel more sensuous.

“Dear Dan

I always get the sniffles when it gets cold but I still want to have sex. What are the best positions to avoid passing anything on?

Mr T”

Of course, illness is another reason that coitus in the cold can be few and far between but what positions are safer if suffering from the sniffles? Well, as colds and flu are viral and are passed on via saliva and mouth to mouth contact then kissing and face to face positions are off the table but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have some fun. Go for positions such as the Lotus (sitting facing with legs over each other), doggy style, spooning or backwards missionary (male lying on top of female but female on her front) these are all great for still feeling close and connected whilst not fully facing. Also, there are other things you can do without having full copulation. Spend some time concentrating on your partner’s body, stroking, kissing, licking, sucking. The partner feeling ill may not want to be too active so its a great time for the other to worship them and give lots of oral. Or just wrap up warm together and have a cuddle!

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