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I have had a few questions in the past about the furry phenomenon and how they can explore it. I have not had any personal experience of dressing up as an animal or acting like one but thanks to my diverse contacts I was put in touch with somebody who goes by the name of pup Tobias and although he wishes to remain anonymous he has agreed to speak to me about being a furry. These are his personal thoughts and experiences. There has been some research done on whether there is a sexual connotation to furrydom and the general consensus is that it is different for everyone.

For anyone not sure what a Furry is it is usually described as a subculture of people with an interest in anthropomorphic, this being animal characters with the personalities and characteristics of humans. It is a form of role play and a fandom based in both sci-fi and fantasy. A sub subculture has formed within this of furries who are also sexually motivated by dressing up but not all furries have a sexual aspect to their interest in it.

Hi pup Tobias, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions on your personal experience of being a furry.  

No problem, though I am not ‘out’ to my family I am always happy to talk about it anonymously.

Why is it that you haven’t told your family?

For me, there is just no need to. There is no reason for them to know and it would take too long to explain. Maybe when I have been in the lifestyle for a little longer it will make more sense to tell them.

So, what first interested you in the Furry world?

I have always loved watching anthropomorphic characters on tv and in my late teens, I got into role play. Through that, I met my girlfriend who introduced me to Furry Fandom. At first, it felt a bit strange to see these foxes and dogs etc… walking around with waistcoats on but once I had chatted to a few of them I was soon put at ease.

Did you dress up right away?

Not the first time I went along. I wanted to see which animal I felt a connection to and discussed it with my girlfriend. I decided I felt more attuned to being a pup. My alter ego of Tobias wasn’t an instant creation, my character grew with me as I became more confident.

For you, is there a sexual aspect?

Not so much when I am in character as pup Tobias but I am also into BDSM and associate as a pet in that subculture too, this was something I discovered since my exploration into Furries. I felt like there was a pet side to my sexual interests but that it didn’t fit in with my Furry pup character so I did some research, my girlfriend and I had a play with a few things and we found where my sexual pet side lay.

Do you have a different outfit(s) for the different sides?

Yes, when I am pup Tobias I have a full puppy outfit, like a mascot costume but with shorts and a waistcoat. For my pet side, I have a leather dog hood and butt plug tail.

Is there any crossover between the two personalities? Or three if you consider your ‘vanilla’ one also.

Only in the sense that they are all parts of me. I go into different mindsets and have different characteristics and mannerisms in each, different parts of my personality I suppose.

What do you personally enjoy about being a Furry?

I can relax completely and let my naughty playful side out. I am usually quite shy but Tobias allows me to bring out my cheeky side.

What are your future plans in relation to these other sides to your personality?

I would like to attend both Furry and BDSM events and conventions, I would like to meet more people into both and explore them both further.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to explore their furry side?

Do your research, see if there are any role play groups near you, talk to other furries in chat rooms and on social media. Don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun.

Thank you for your insight into your furry and pet sides.

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