Gaffer tape and wooden spoons – the start of your kink kit

Greetings and salutations my kinky brethren

So this week I heard of the sad passing of Ross Lowell. That name may not ring any bells in your consciousness but not only was he a cinematographer, photographer, Oscar-winning lighting designer, author and entrepreneur but he also invented something that most people have in their house and that has made kidnapping fantasies and bondage scenarios easier for Dommes for years – the humble gaffer tape. The story goes that he needed a substance which would help actors find and stay on their marks without leaving a sticky residue, it also needed to be heat resistant under studio lighting and strong enough to remain for long periods. He apparently started with a Johnsons and Johnsons Permacel tape, otherwise known as duck tape and used the same backing to form his own tape on a silver fabric which made it easier for use on metal. This tape became a regular in the industry and went on to be used in a lot of BDSM scenes for the same reasons that made it useful during filming. So, we all have a lot to thank him for.

This got me thinking of all the other seemingly innocuous items we have around the house which can make great tools for tantalising. The first that springs to mind is as simple scarves which can be used as anything from a blindfold to a full-on hogtie, if it’s long enough you could even use it as both at once. Silk ties have long been used to cover eyes or bind body parts and of course belts for impact. Many kitchen implements can be used in impact play such as wooden spoons or metal fish slices, other useful spanking tools include slippers, hair brushes and rulers. The humble dining chair makes a great spanking bench, just have them kneel to the side of it, laying across the seat and tie them down as you wish, leaving their buttocks open to your lashes. And lastly, don’t forget the implement you have with you all the time, that you never go anywhere without… your hand! It is perfect for spanking, of course, oh and if you are into ballbusting then your feet and knees also. You are a walking torture chamber if you want to be.  

Surgery is now open……

“Dear Dr Dan

I am just starting to explore BDSM with my partner, we are still not sure what we are into so don’t know where to start with equipment. Please advise.


“Dear Decadence

As a student, I can’t afford to spend much on toys but am really into being spanked. Can you suggest anything I could use?

Thanks, B”

I have had a lot of messages from people just starting out with BDSM play and many of them are not sure what to buy or are concerned about the cost. I always tell them that before putting lots of money into toys play around with what you have to hand. Proper equipment is certainly important but if you are just starting out and exploring what you like and don’t like then using things that already to hand is a great way to practise and learn what piques your interest. Saying that though, I still have a a slipper and wooden spoon in my goodie box.

What other household items have you used in playtimes or have ever looked at and thought “hmm that would make a good spanking toy/bondage chair/etc…” Drop me an email and let us know or share your experiences of using regular vanilla items in your kink life.

Make sure to get your club and party reviews coming in, tell the world which are the best and worst swinging and BDSM venues that you have attended. Maybe you have found a hidden gem or have been disappointed by a well-known location, either way, tell the rest of the community.

Right then party people, until next time – stay decadent!

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