Latex, Models and The Annex

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This week we had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with Pro Dom Miss J, winner of the best latex model, for a quick chat about where she buys her delectable latex gear. Just check out this red-hot number …

Believe it or not, this little tete a tete took place in a quintessentially English country pub near her house where we sat in the picturesque garden drinking English tea. When she ordered that rather than her usual large Vodka I nearly fell off my chair, as you can imagine. Dressed in our day to day vanilla clothing so as not to arouse the locals, we kept our voices low, which meant I could get even closer to the luscious lovely, and discussed the best way to get Latex on (oil-free lubricant or talc) and of course the best place to buy, but I can’t divulge her sources. If you have any questions for the desireable Dom or would like to be her willing slave, you can find Miss J on twitter at @DomMissJ
By now you know how we love to party; we came across this review for The Annex, a private members club in Norfolk.  
“First time to the Annex tonight. Was met at the door and as I had offered a lift to one of the girls she very kindly showed me around the venue. A well laid out club, great facilities and what a crowd! Everyone was friendly and was instantly put at ease. No pressure at all but once settled was invited to play a couple of times. Look forward to returning again very soon! Thanks to all those I met tonight. “
We are always pleased when you guys hit the nail on the head and find us another great location to party the night away with like-minded individuals. The club includes three playrooms and a specially dedicated BDSM room, parties are invite only so we were glad to be invited and had a great time meeting new people. If you are new to the lifestyle they are holding a Munch which is open to new members, on October 5th, get yourselves down to meet kink converts and scene newbies alike, start your journey into decadence.
We have had a brilliant summer of networking and met some fabulous and influential people. So with the view to increasing our staff we stopped by to see James Blake of www.sinatramodels, James always makes us welcome and we couldn’t resist looking through the portfolio of stunning models he had on his desk. With models like these, it’s no wonder Sinatra is going from strength to strength, keep an eye on this guy as he has a lot coming up.
I just heard some exciting news I thought I’d share with you all!!! My friends over at Pinked events have excitingly announced a new event for all swingers in the Norfolk area.‘Twisted Secrets’ is a fun, sexy and naughty night for Couples, Fems and selected Males. Dress to impress and leave your inhibitions at the door. They certainly know how to throw a party … check them out and find out for yourself! @pinkedevents69[email protected]

Glad to see the questions are still coming in, remember you can ask advice on the lifestyle or anything else, You can email me directly at [email protected] with any queries you may have.
This week’s questions:
Dear Dr DYou’re a man of the world and I don’t know where else to turn. This may not be like other questions you get but how can I make men slow down? They always want to take it too fast and I like it slow and sexy not fast and hard. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Thank you

Miss L
Well Miss L, this is actually a question I get asked a lot. Everyone is different, some like it fast and furious, some slow and sensual, some a healthy mix of the two. If you don’t feel you can talk about it (communication really is key) then how about taking control yourself? Try going on top and showing him how you like it. Guide his hand to where you want it and show him the speed by keeping your hand on his or use a toy and have him watch how you like it. Sex is fun but only if you’re enjoying it so don’t feel bad about asking for it how you like it.
Hi, Dr.

I am interested in finding a Sub but I’m new to this and don’t know where to start. I want one that is unused so I can train them. What’s the best way to go about it?

Mr. B
Hi, Mr.B, thank you for getting in touch. Firstly it’s unlikely you’ll find an “unused” sub as the majority will begin their exploration during a relationship they are already in, though it’s not impossible, I would suggest not having your hopes too high for that though. You also mention that you are new to this but don’t say if you mean the lifestyle or in looking for a Sub. If you are new to the life then it may be beneficial to find a Sub that has been owned previously and has some training. The best place to start would be setting up a profile on a platform such as Fetlife, Also join related groups on Facebook to meet like-minded people. A local Munch would be a good idea, this is a meetup for people in the scene, often held somewhere inconspicuous and vanilla but sometimes held at specialist clubs. You can meet people local to you with the same interests in a relaxed atmosphere. Most importantly, don’t rush it or force it. Just like with vanilla relationships, when the right Sub comes along you’ll know. Good luck with your search, let me know how it goes.
Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent.




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