US Babe Amanda Lauren takes the UK by storm

Amanda LaurenYou may not yet have heard the name Amanda Lauren, but soon it will be the name on everybody’s lips as the star rises to fame. Currently in third position in Maxim’s Finest 2017, Amanda has flown to the UK all the way from the States to promote her brand over here and attend some of the hottest industry parties.


Initially, modelling was a hobby for the gorgeous glamour girl who has shot in exotic locations across the globe from sun soaked LA to Florence, Capital of Italy’s Tuscany region.

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It was on a study trip to Paris that Amanda spotted the submission for Maxim and on a whim, decided to enter. She reveals that she had completely forgotten about her submission until August this year when she discovered that she had been selected by Maxim Magazine to go into the competition and was wild with excitement.


Amanda is an activist for HIV awareness and philanthropy is something that appeals to her a great deal. The public can take part in the Maxim’s Finest competition and can pay to vote for their favourite entrant with 25% of the proceeds going to Jared’s Homes for Wounded Warriors.

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Smiling with a sweet twinkle in her eye Amanda told us:

“Jared’s Homes for Wounded Warriors is an organization that helps house soldiers who were injured in combat and need wheelchair accessible homes or homes that they can live in that cater to specific injuries. The organization is a great concept and I’m happy to help out. It’s a great cause!”


Aside from raising awareness for important causes, Amanda is currently studying for her Master’s degree online to become a Nurse Educator, which means she can work absolutely anywhere in the world. Lets face it, who wouldn’t want a beautiful blonde with a caring nature as their bedside nurse! We cannot image she’ll ever be out of work!

Education is something that is a priority for Amanda and there is a great deal more to the California model than just good looks. She is multilingual and speaks Spanish, Italian and French as well as English and has an appreciation for Art, History, literature and performing arts. She’s also a dab hand in the kitchen – we can see the marriage proposals lining up already!Amanda Lauren (6)

The Maxim model has had no shortage of offers and has dated various names in the media. It’s no secret that Amanda dated famous actor Charlie Sheen who was diagnosed with HIV in 201. She reveals that this is one of the reasons why she has become so passionate in raising awareness about HIV and Aids. Developing feelings for someone with the condition has opened her eyes to what victims of the disease grow through and she was compelled to help prevent others from contracting the virus. Amanda works closely with a charity called Elton John’s Aids Foundation and was exclusively invited to Elton John’s birthday where he gave a speech on HIV. She tells us:


“The message I would like to share I will keep simple for now and that is to ALWAYS wear condoms when engaging with a new sexual partner whose status is unknown. Get tested 2-3 times a year if you are sexually active with multiple partners, and don’t be discouraged if you meet someone who is positive. HIV medicine has advanced and many who carry the disease have undetectable levels of the virus in their blood. Of course, you should always use protection though. There are also additional methods of protection you can use, such as the pRep medication!”Amanda Lauren (5)

Amanda believes that she was chosen for this line of work and it seems as if the modelling and rise to fame has given her a platform to highlight the causes that she is most passionate about. She is an extremely articulate and intelligent young lady who has her future all mapped out. Her dreams are to study extensively for as long as possible and invest in real estate and she confides in us as she gazes out of the window with a look of sweet determination on her face:


“The biggest thing for me is that I hope to continue to evolve and succeed as an individual. My philosophy is ‘Today, I will be better than tomorrow.’ That’s the aim. 5 years from now I see myself on a greater public platform. I hope to use that platform to help in achieving my personal long term goals, to inspire others, and to help others in the form of charity.”


As the conversation turned more intimate, we simply could not resist asking about her relationship with Charlie Sheen and digging to find out what he is like to date. Amanda reveals that Charlie is a sweet, charming and sensitive guy that knows how to treat women. She confessed:


“He is possibly one of the smartest people I ever met and the day to day life we shared usually consisted of deep conversations or watching a great documentary, sports, or a funny TV show. His character in real life is 1000x funnier than Charlie on Two and a Half Men and his creative mind is genius. There was the luxury side of things where I actually pinched myself one moment asking “is this really happening right now?”

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Amanda happily regales antics of the couple’s time together and tells us that whilst they would jet away to exotic locations, they would also enjoy time at home getting cosy in comfortable PJ’s. She enjoys a good relationship with his family and exes and struggles to understand the issues other women have raised with him, but she does hint at the fact that he may have a few commitment issues:


“I truly believe that it’s about perception and living in the moment with him. You can’t expect anything from him other, than what he is delivering to you in that moment. If you can manage this, you can have a great relationship and friendship with him. I wish him the best!”


When quizzed on modelling in the UK versus the US, Amanda surprisingly confesses that she finds the British more genuine and easier to gel with. Although in the US  where modelling is highly competitive and models are often deemed as disposable objects, it is easy to understand why she may feel more relaxed working on British soil.

As a young, well connected individual who is becoming rapidly well known in the modelling industry, Amanda still has a beautifully innocent humility about her and says “Modelling tips should come from a pro and I’m not sure I’d classify myself as that….what I can say is all women need to embrace their bodies and understand there is no set standard.”

Want to find out more about this extraordinary young lady? You can meet her in person at Rocky9 Production’s Halloween party at Hyde sponsored by UKGlamourAwards  on Thursday 26th September in London, where she is the official meet and greet model. The event will be huge and is sponsored by some of the biggest brands in the UK.

You can also follow her on facebook at /amandalauren773 and @instamanda_lauren on instagram. Stay tuned for more of her social networks to follow and a new personal website where you will be able to keep up with Amanda’s antics and buy personalised calendars, among other merchandise.

Follow now and drop Amanda a dm and let her know you came from the UK Glamour Awards.

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You can also vote for Amanda in the Maxim’s Finest competition here:


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