Valentines day countdown

Chantelle 148As Valentines Day is less than a month away, I am giving you a good few weeks to prepare and get organised. I have tips for the best Valentines Day sex and also the top things you must buy.

Chantelle x

Valentines Day sex………….


As Valentines Day is around the corner I thought it only seemed right to give you some tips to have the perfect evening. Valentines Day is the one day of the year we can give ourselves permission to go crazy with your partner.

Heres how to spice things up and blow your partners mind –

1. Now women this is a great one for you, answer the door to your man wearing nothing but your sexiest lingerie, your most inviting perfume. Visual stimulation is a must on Valentines day, make sure you leave those Bridget Jones knickers in the drawer and go all out.
2. When was the last time you really prolonged foreplay and didn’t just dive right into having sex? We all really underestimate how important it is to warm your partner up especially for women. You want her turned on so much she is begging for it. Put in the effort.
3. Shop around for some massage oils preferably flavoured. Whether you like strawberry, cherry or chocolate, rub their body down and lick off the remains.
4. Be spontaneous, don’t just have sex in the bedroom same old, throw your partner on the dining room table, take them in the shower or splash all out and get a hotel for the night?

Top products for Valentines day…………
1. Some lube, you can get the ones that heat up, that tingle, whatever mood your in give it a go.
2. Forget the big vibrators get a mini bullet vibrater girls put it on your clit, men put it on your girls clit, or maybe you want to dabble with a little bit of anal, give it a go.
3. Why not make your night very sensual and invest in a blindfold and handcuffs.
4. Set the mood, candle lights, music, rose petals, ahhh sounds lush.


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