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Firstly, what a shocking weekend and all fairness start to the Premiership it has been. It’s  a few games in now so the cracks and the patching up works are now being tested, I cannot actually decide whether the defence in all the teams has improved immensely or the strikers are just off form, either way it has been awful.  Now don’t get me wrong, as I have said before,  I am a loyal West Ham fan and to be fair we have contributed massively to the boring start of this league but even the 3-1 wins and 2-0’s have all still been really boring games.  The quality of signings has improved but it’s all been very predictable lately.

It does actually look like Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal are going to play it out for the title.

At the beginning of the season I looked at all the clubs who had been spending and whether or not they were wise buys or bargain basements. 

Manchester City have bought some good players but I’m going to  stick my neck out and say they were over-priced and not proven enough for me and this has shown.  When Manchester City’s heads go then they really go! They could not hit a barn door with a banjo and they have demonstrated this fact already, so for me they are NOT title challengers this year, they need to learn to bounce back after a defeat, Cardiff hurt them earlier and for me they haven’t fully recovered. Tevez should have stayed he was a proven goal scorer in this league.

Manchester United are to see a change in the times in that Moye’s has proven he does not have the capability of attracting the same  quality of players as Sir Alex had that wonderful knack of doing in the past.  They missed out on some massive names including Fabregas and I ask myself the question, if Moye’s was there a year ago,  would Van Persie have left for United? I think not.   Ronaldo was there for the taking and towards the end of the last campaign he refused to comment on his future, then Fergie left he decided to stay put.  Moye’s then upset Rooney.  The only signing in my opinion, of any credibility was from Everton.  I don’t think Manchester United will be able to attract big names anymore and if Van Persie gets injured I think they will struggle massively. Ideally Fergie should have made the signings before he retired.

Arsenal have a little more quality than most but only when they are on form and their fitness levels are high.   Their last minute purchase was the “Buy of the Year” as far as quality is concerned and their start to the season shows that if they can keep Ozil, Ramsey and more importantly Giroud fit there is absolutely no reason why they are not serious challengers this year.  Ozil is massively impressive and Ronaldo’s angry reaction to him leaving Real Madrid was a huge testament to the guy’s capabilities (Even if he is German).

Spurs, apart from a little slip up at the Emirate’s, seem to be going okay. Ericsson, even after just one game, appears to be their best buy and in my opinion is a player who suits the Gunner’s style of play.  I think the key to Spurs staying in any sort of title race is team selection.  There is no question – they have strength in depth but if they want results a balance has to be struck with the new and old boys in the Premiership.  I think they are an easy Champions League contender but for me the title may just be a little too much for them unless Defoe gets some form under his belt.

Liverpool have impressed me with their signings this year.  Suarez’ return will be a serious force but for me Sturridge was a top buy and with Moses as a little back up I think they have bought smart and intelligently.  When that “bitey bastard” comes back I think they are serious title challengers.

Chelski is the team who should be winning everything but then that’s been the case for some time now.  Is Mourinio’s arrival really the Second Coming? I don’t think so – I think they are in the top 5, Which is annoying as the quality of that team is better than anyone else, they just cannot seem to pick up any consistency.

Here are my league bets:

Spurs to finish higher than Manchester City.

Manchester United to finish 4th

Liverpool to win!!

Horse Racing:  If you are a horse racing fan I have a little tip for you.  There is a tipster online who can be found on good old Facebook.  Look for him under the name of “Horse racing super tips” https://www.facebook.com/Horse.Racing.Tip?fref=ts  and let me know who you get on. 

The guy is impressive.  He picks a lucky 15 everyday along with big odds, double and a few singles.  In the last week his doubles have come in earning his 50,000+ punters a decent amount of cash with two £5 “each way” bets he has netted them over £1,600 !!!  It is free, so “Like” the page, jump on his back and go for the ride.  Remember to bet responsibly though guys as with any sport, betting has its up’s and downs so be sensible.

Enough of sport.   As you know I was giving a detox diet plan a trial run.  Now I am not a lazy man but I wanted to find a weight-loss plan that works that did not involve learning and repeating the river dance in your living room everyday whilst eating cardboard and drinking your own piss and the local Zumba class was full of elderly hopers searching for a Jennifer Lopez body –  so I embarked on a 9 day detox and was rather amazed if I say so myself, with the results.  I lost a staggering 18lbs in 9 days. YES 18lbs.   Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a breeze, tough but worth it.

If you are interested in giving it a go, look at my Facebook page “ Mockney the week” and get in touch with my personal trainer Grant Hughes. The product really works and that is not a plug as I haven’t even mentioned the brand.  Get on it if you want to see fast results but you will appreciate I have to add, please see your GP first before commencing any rigorous diet plan or exercise regime. 

If like me, you like your clobber, we are apparently getting a little snow next month!  October?? Surely not!!  So it may be time to get a sharp jacket or some nice autumn/ winter gear in.   I have kept half and eye on the LFW (London Fashion Week) here are a few personal suggestions for the chilly season:




I bow out of this week’s column with a bit of fun.  For those of you who follow me on Twitter or my page on Facebook, you will see I do tend to post a few videos or images to pass the time and for a bit of a giggle.   There is nothing better than seeing a fat geezer fall over or a bird making a right idiot of herself on a night out.  Take a look at a couple a vid’s that made me chuckle :-



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Have a good week all and thank you for reading my column. 




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