What next for Frankie Coke-cozza?


Disgraced X Factor contestant  Frankie Cocozza has returned to his family home and the big question being asked now is “what next” for the wannabe rock star as his dream lies in tatters.

The show’s boss Simon Cowell said yesterday that Frankie had “blown a wonderful opportunity” after he was axed from the competition amid allegations that he boasted about taking cocaine.

Cowell said the 18-year-old  had “no one to blame but himself” after he was booted out of the contest following claims that production staff heard him bragging about “cocaine-fuelled sex sessions”.

The cocky singer released an apologetic statement admitting his life had “gone out of control” and that his behaviour off stage had “over-stepped the rules of the competition”.

Sources claim that Cocozza was “off his face” during Sunday night’s results show after getting just 30 minutes of sleep following his hard partying the night before.

His mentor Gary Barlow echoed Simon Cowell’s sentiments about his departure.

He said: “I’m hugely disappointed that he’s thrown away an opportunity like this after working so hard to get here. I’m sorry to see him go as we’ve been through a lot together in such a short time.’

So with the dream over as far as winning X Factor is concerned, what does the future hold for the mop-haired wayward singer who has become the centre of media attention for all the wrong reasons?

Well, there is probably no doubt that he will get himself a PR guru to ensure that he gets invited to the hottest showbiz parties and gets snapped stumbling out of clubs with a group of babes on his arms by the paparazzi.

He will be keen to ensure he remains in the spotlight, and TV appearances on shows like Celebrity Juice will surely be in the pipeline.

Some have suggested he might even get his own TV show, but that would have to be on way after the watershed and we can see it capturing the imagination of the public.

Just how long he will be able to cash-in on his current high profile “celeb” status is open to question, and although his antics have put an end to his big opportunity he may well consider trying to pursue his dream of becoming a rock star and prove everyone wrong.

Given his unpredictability who knows what will happen. as far as he is concerned there is only one thing that everyone can be sure of – and that is that he won’t be winning X Factor!

Daily Sport says – Whatever drugs Frankie allegedly took during his time on X Factor they certainly weren’t performance enhancing!


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