Bailiffs took my nashers

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BROKEN BRITAIN EXCLUSIVE: With the economy in the grips of the deepest financial downturn in living memory more and more people are falling foul of finance companies, payday loan firms and loan sharks with the more unscrupulous prepared to go to any length to get what they are owed.


Take Tony from Hampstead in North West London he contact DAILY SPORT after watching Channel 4’s new show REPOMAN to say how he’d fallen behind on his loan of £100 and that his local back street lender had sent in the heavies and they’d repossessed his false teeth in lieu of payment.


Tony told DAILY SPORT “First I got the sack from my job as a binman and now I’ve lost me teeth too, what bloody chance of I got now of getting a bird?” he added”What good looking bird wants a geezer who’s skint and got no bleedin teeth.”


DAILY SPORT says – Watch out if you owe money and hear a knock at the door hide you teeth before answering.

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