Brexit is good for you


A week after the country voted for freedom the ‘doom mongers’ are holding their heads in shame.

The £ is strong and the FT is above it’s low point from March of this year.

Now we have the issue with the ‘Remain’ generation of Corbyn lovers. Remember how you were brought into this world? Go out and enjoy yourselves by making love. At your age it is preposterous that you are worried about queuing to get to Disneyland in Paris when it is better to go to Florida with superior rides and weather. As for the jobs in Europe where there is no work I say follow your European friends to London. Why not work in our service industry on minimum wage or become a sex worker where we have low unemployment? With a zero hour contract you can hump all day until you need to go to work or play!

Meanwhile the Tories are being silly and Labour even sillier. My advice is to rise above the political class and reject social media so that you get a life.


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