Daily Sport welcomes DANNY LAMBO to the team as he tells us about his rise to fame and fortune prior to his launching his NEW Flashy Friday’s column on June 23.

Danny Lambo

Danny chatted openly to Daily Sport owner Grant Miller as the pair sat it the lounge of Danny’s CELEBRITY MUST GO TO Pavilion Hotel in London’s Paddington.

Danny the son of a 2 teachers grew un in Croydon and left school at 16 with no qualifications after joining a band at school who needed a lead singer after playing in a few pubs and bars in London’s Soho JEALOUS as the group were to become were discovered by a talent scout from SONY RECORDS in Japan and offered a deal tour deal of Japan and the Far East.

Danny Lambo (3)
Antoine Lassalle Photography

Danny said ”I’d been touring with the group for nearly 5 years when I decided I miss England and my family and had had enough so, quit JEALOUS and got a flight back to the UK aged 21,

“I had no job or qualifications just cash in the bank as I’d saved everything I’d earned while touring and sent it back to my dad to put in the bank,

“I’d LIVED in hotels for the past 5 years and this was all I knew as the only people I hung out with were hotel staff and had learnt the business inside out,

“So I decided to buy a rundown hotel in an up coming part of London Paddington the Heathrow Express link was about to be announced and the local council wanted to regenerate the area,Danny Lambo (2)

“This proved to be one of the best decisions of my life, as from there I struggled to get the hotel open and refurbished, but went on to acquire more hotels in the area which I’ve sold on or kept and now have 3 in the same block.”

Danny who’s nickname LAMBO comes from his penchant for Lamboghini’s has gone on to party with the best of them from bevy’s of RUSSIAN beauties to filmstars and top models.Danny Lambo (1)

Grant Miller DAILY SPORT owner said ”I’ve known Danny for sometime known Danny for sometime now and you  couldn’t meet a nicer down to earth guy if you tried, so we can’t wait to see what he get’s up to over the coming months.”

Don’t forget to follow Danny on Instragram @dannylamboofficial and Facebook DannyLamboOfficial



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