Eyes Down For An Empty Pub

With news every day of more of our Great British Pubs closing Daily Sport decided to investigate why? We all know that the cost of a pint is getting more expensive and it the current recession everyone has less to spend but having attend numerous Pub Quiz nights over the last month we’ve be astonished by the lame answers give by contestants, so here are some of the funniest one’s yet –

Name the president of Turkey? to which one contestant replied Bernard Matthews and to make matters worse he was deadly serious.

In another pub quiz captain to answer this question, Dictator Pol Pot was head of which Rouge? to which our team captain said Cafe Rouge.

Last but not least final of the local quiz league and the question is What was denounced Libyan dictator Col Gaddafi’s other name, to which the contestant replied Is It Duck?

Whilst we had a great laugh researching this it just goes to show what a sorry state the nations pub quiz teams are in.

Daily Sport Says – Next time you want a laugh go down to your local on quiz night, there is always at least one idiot with stupid answers.


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