Glamour Girls and Supercars for the press launch of the UK Glamour Awards



In the dying heat of what had been an excessively hot day, Kensington came alive wednesday night with the Press Launch of the UK Glamour Awards at the Hyde bar. The street outside was awash with beautiful half dressed women and paparazzi as millionaire playboy Danny Lambo roared down the road in his signature orange Lamborghini with his beautiful blond companion and model Cordia Melancelli.


Downstairs in the darkly decadent bar the tunes were blaring and the bubbly was being quaffed by London’s beautiful people as movie execs, glamour models and media alike mingled and networked the night away. There was many a photo op with the sexy Spearmint Rhino/Daily Sport girls Emily Sko and Karolina Saunders whilst award entrants were papped by the many photographers in attendance._MG_1178

With media sponsors such as Daily Sport and Men Stuff Magazine you would expect a brilliant turnout and the launch did not disappoint. Throw in such elite companies as Adult Genie, Spearmint Rhino and Ink Kings and you are sure for a great night._MG_1187

The night began with a fashion show by Silk with models adorned in floating ethereal creations in a kaleidoscope of rainbow colours then as DJ Rax of Ambassadors of Sound spun the tunes, the glamour girls took to the floor to display their wares._MG_1176

The Spearmint Rhino/Daily Sport publicity girls joined the photoshoot with a bang and a lot of flesh on display. An impromptu outdoor shoot followed with the girls being draped over Chig Craig Patel’s ravishing red Lamborghini.  The soundtrack was provided by the loudest car in Britain, the lamborghini owned by self proclaimed ‘flashiest playboy’ and general man about town, Danny Lambo._MG_1243

The rest of the evening went by in a cascade of hair, a fragrant mix of scents and the sound of air kissing and heels clacking on the floor. As our wonderful photographer snapped away and Balbir Judge controlled the masses, I was working the room and pressing the flesh with the cream of the industry’s glitterati such as film producers Rob Craine and Ike Kahn, model Lillie Laverick and the Barbie and Ken of Ibiza; Sian and Kenny McSween._MG_1343

It was so busy that not only did attendance reach the bars maximum but people were queuing down the street to get in and join in the convivial atmosphere and wanton display of beauty and hilarity that had taken over the cellar bar._MG_1125

All in all it was amazing press launch and I for one can not wait for the awards themselves…


Photo by Anglocreative for DAILY SPORT


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