Greed could be Camelots downfall


National lottery operator Camelot may have shot themselves in the foot after announcing that they are to double the cost of a ticket to £2 from the autumn, as long gone are the days of a Camelot monopoly with rival lotteries offering the chance to win a few quid, Joe public now has a choice.

First Richard Desmond’s Northern & Shell owners of the Daily Star and Daily Express launched the Health Lottery in October 2011 offering punters the chance to win £100k for a £1 stake this was quickly followed by Daily Sports own tie with Interactive Media to launch DAILY SPORT LOTTO in April 2012 which has become one of Europe’s most talked about games and offers punters a minimum jackpot of €25million every day of the year for just a €2 stake.

Daily Sport owner Grant Miller said”Now punter’s have a choice with other lotteries offering big cash prizes for lower stakes plus online gaming companies offering mega jackpots, all operators will have to up there game and give the public what they want at a price they can afford.”



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