Gypsy Entrepreneur and Ex-Soap Star Team Up in Media Venture


Tony DisiplineEx-Eastenders star Tony Disipline aka Tyler Moon has teamed up with multi-millionaire gypsy entrepreneurowner of Wyldecrest Parks  Alfie Best to expand his CELEBRITY endorsements business All So Pro.Alfie Best

Disipline who left the SOAP in 2013 went on to establish the revolutionary media platform with wine bar owner Nick Coxon of Mordens Wine Bar and since it’s launch has paired numerous BRANDS with celebrities.

The ALL SO PRO media platform is going from strength to stregth and is set for even greater things after Best a man to know a good business when he see’s one invested £2 million in the venture.

Dispiline told DAILY SPORT”After leaving Eastenders finding acting work was difficult, personal appearances soon dried up and I was left in no mans land, so I had to make a decision on which direction to take,

“I was recommended a great acting course by ex co-star Kierston Wareing so flew to Vienna where the course was and stayed for a while honing my craft, I then made a career decision and went out to Los Angeles to give pilot season a go and ultimately ended up living with a good friend and actor Lucien Laviscount, we had a great time in the city of angels however work wise it didn’t work out for me and I had to return home after a few months,

“This is when the financial reality of being in the entertainment industry hit me, it frustrated me just how quickly so many doors closed and work opportunities dried up and I knew this was the same for many other people in my shoes, not just actors but reality stars, ex sports stars etc.

“A while later my frustrations were discussed and aired with Nick Coxon, owner of Mordens Wine Bar in Blackheath South East London, where I was doing events every so often called Demure Parties. I had explained the way in which I felt there needed to be a way of creating more work for people in the industry and for them not to be just left in the wilderness as I felt I was. During this conversation we also discussed requests I had from a few local business to post on my social media for them, at this point we had a Eureka moment and we knew we HAD to create a platform where businesses could negotiate social media endorsements with celebrities and influencers directly through a site, thus giving talent extra work opportunities and businesses a one stop shop for celebrity endorsements on social media. It was a hard decision but I decided to give up acting and focus my attention on creating All So Pro.”

When asked how he paired up with Alfie Best, Displine told us “After having the site developed and building a healthy database of celebrities and brands, myself and nick knew we needed some guidance in which direction to push the business and take it to the next level. After seeing Alfie Best on Channel 4’s “How’d You Get So Rich” with Katherine Ryan we knew instantly Alfie was exactly the type of strategic partner we needed. After hunting him down, getting a meeting and explaining the concept, we instantly felt Alfie’s passion and belief in All So Pro, not just from a business perspective but he understood the importance of creating extra work opportunities for talent in the entertainment industry, which meant a lot to me.”

DAILY SPORT says”Any business wanting to create a great brand image or exposure should check out ALL SO PRO”


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