Kiss my TATTOOED arse!

TK Booty (5)I’ve just spent over 20hrs inking my butt cheeks in order to complete my latest tattoo and hardly batted an eyelid – I’m sure there should be a pun here to do with being used to taking pricks in the a*** but joking aside, people seem baffled each time that I hop onto Facebook Live to chat my way through my latest sitting wearing little more than a g-string and a smile.

TK Booty

Through my work as a journalist and blogger I’ve covered a wide spectrum of beauty, cosmetic and surgical procedures that nothing actually scares me anymore. Pain is just pain and if you don’t think about it then it stops hurting you. It’s all about distracting yourself really, having fun and passing the time. I’ve been coming to John Capasao of RedInk Aylesbury for five years now and he’s taken my thoughts and feelings and turned them into beautiful custom pieces of body art that I’ll cherish forever.

TK Booty (3)

I’ve had tattoos on nearly every part of my body now and was really expecting my bum cheeks to be absolute agony but it’s no different to anywhere else really for pain. The crease at the top of my leg pinched a little and when going between my cheeks it felt like I’d sat on an open flame but whats a few hours of needles in exchange for a lifetime of art!?

TK Booty (1)

We started off cautiously with a small collection of hand drawn wild flowers on my left butt cheek to see if I could take it and after just a few hours we were already doodling above and below, extending the tattoo to cover my entire rear. I chose wild flowers because I love the thought of natural beauty; these random, uncontrollable bursts of cheerfulness spring up in the most remote and darkest places, surviving against all odds and standing strong when all others have perished.

TK Booty (6)

Tattoos have become particularly fashionable in the last few years, and they go hand in hand with fitness for which I placed second in my first bodybuilding contest earlier this year as a Pure Elite Tattoo Muscle model PRO. Yet when we do anything to permanently alter our bodies we should never do it lightly. What’s fashionable today may be seen as ugly tomorrow, so I like my tattoo’s to have specific meaning, purpose and memories. The concept of my tattoos are all connected to my children, strength and positivity which I know will stand the test of time and I’ll never regret them.

TK Booty (4)

I had my first tattoo at the age of 14 which was an awful tribal outline on my lower back that I’ve since covered up with feathers as body art has come such a long way in the past decade alone. If you’re considering having a tattoo or adding to your existing collection I’d suggest you stay away from partners names and portraits and find something equally meaningful and inspiring that will stand the test of time long after relationships fail. Don’t be to afraid to try something new, discuss your thoughts and feelings with your tattooist to create something custom and unique and always ask to see their previous work before booking. If you’re looking for a reputable artist in Buckinghamshire then give John a call – and don’t forget to pack a g-string guys!


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