NEWS FLASH: Daily Sport welcomes yet another new columnist Dr.Decedence

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Dr Decadence is a man with over twenty years’ experience in the adult industry and has hosted many parties at clubs and private venues for all types of tastes including swinging, bdsm, fetish and much more. As you can imagine there is not much Dr D has not seen in this time.

He has a wealth of knowledge of which he is eager to share with you lovely people, through and with the help of the Daily Sport in the form of an adult agony uncle column. In his column there will be weekly reviews of Adult Clubs within the lifestyle industry and he will gladly offer advice to newcomers to the scene and also in depth advice for more experienced lifestylers.DRD (1)

He will also be hosting exclusive Decadence Parties at some prestige venues for the more discerning of you to indulge in.

These parties will have everything you could need to have an erotic indulgent experience with champagne and entertainment thrown in for good measure.


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