She’s BACK by popular demand


Tracy KissMy name is Tracy Kiss which is my Hungarian heritage and not a stage name – although Miss Kiss does sound kinky as hell so it’s rather fitting for the direction I’m heading in life. I’m 29, about to turn 30 in October (argh!) single and convinced that I’m well overdue a midlife crisis. 

Growing up in a quiet village in Buckinghamshire I was a stereotypical geek; lanky, shy, socially awkward and had no interest in boys whatsoever. At 18 I first made my topless modelling debut in the Daily Sport newspaper – for which my Dad was an avid reader – and in the blink of an eye I transformed from boring bookworm to busty blonde and never looked back. 

I went from geeky to freaky and loved my new found zest for life, as a good pair of knockers and a big smile seems to open so many doors. I’ve since had two children, qualified as a personal trainer, became a Pure Elite professional bodybuilder, dabble in TV and have a penchant for tattoos; spending several hours last weekend getting my buttocks inked live on Facebook to my 2.5million followers. I’ve also written five books including an erotic trilogy, raised over £10,000 for charity last year by giving out topless thank-you photos to donors and am gradually ticking off my bucket list by climbing mountains, riding motorbikes, learning to skydive and running lots in hotpants.

I guess you could say I’ve well and truly come out of my shell now – a far cry from my humble upbringing. But I believe life is too short to be anything less than unashamedly yourself and what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger – bedroom antics included! I’m honoured to be returning to the Daily Sport almost 12yrs since I made my debut, this time with a brand new column where I’ll be covering topics on lifestyle, relationships, sex tips and challenges and hope that you’ll join in with plenty of banter and wild requests for me. So if you want to see me racing a Ferrari in a bikini perhaps, bungee jumping in my birthday suit or breaking down bedroom taboos then get in touch, share your thoughts and do your worst! I dare you! Tracy Kiss (1)



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