Singing Plumber would love it if England win Euro 2016


The song – I’d Love it – has been released by father of two Paul Ballington to support Roy Hodgson’s lad’s in France; giving fans a catchy song to sing along to this summer.


Paul, who has been dubbed the ‘Singing Plumber’ by the media has also recorded a funny video for the song, which includes football scenes shot in the Butchers Arms in Woodsetts and a catchy chorus that you cannot help tapping your feet to.  No matter what age you are!


The funny video also features Paul driving around in his plumbing van with string vest wearing ‘fat Les’, a football fan who loves eating curries, drinking beers and watching England.


Paul told DAILY SPORT Entertainment: “As the song goes I’d love it if England could do well at this year’s Euros and give everyone something to celebrate.  I think that’s every football fans dream and I am sure that most people will be able to relate to the lyrics. The song captures the passion we have for the game and it sums up how it makes you feel when England does well.”


Paul, 38, has been writing songs on and off for 18 years, starting with little ditties and birthday songs for friends and family.  More recently he has begun writing tailor made songs for any occasion such as birthdays and weddings and become a YouTube sensation surprising brides and grooms with his funny lyrics on their big day.


Paul added: “The whole ‘singing plumber’ started because I love singing and making people laugh and although I like my day job as a plumber, singing is what I want to do. Hopefully my light hearted lyrics will put a smile on people’s faces as they cheer on the lads in France.”


‘I’d love it’ is available to buy now from Amazon and iTunes – Single by Paul Ballo Ballington:

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