Table Dancing Diaries Babe Bares All

Pics by Joby Rawlins for GiGi Petite / Daily Sport

You’ve seen her on TV now you can see her in the nation’s favourite newspaper Daily Sport and telling how she fought to keep her man.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Sport GiGi said”when I was 18yrs old I had an argument with my boyfriend at that time for him getting a lap dance by a girl when we all went to a strip club for a friends birthday when Id said we get them together. I got so angry on the way home thinking that he thought she was better than me when she wasn’t. I wanted to prove that my body was better etc so I got out the car got naked & walked in the middle of the road FULL OF CARS & PEOPLE mind you! Just to show him that he doesn’t appreciate what he had”

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Daily Sport says – Well if he couldn’t see he was on to a good thing you’re better off without him!


  1. gigi was awesome on the show last night and she is amazing in the daily sport she looked so naturel and stunning with no makeup on and what amazing person and mother as well

  2. GIGI petite is ONE OF A KIND she’s cute sexy clearly funny & after watching her on THE TABLE DANCING DIARIES she showed herself to be a genuine normal nice person. Naughty in pics but nice in real life by the looks of it! GOOD LUCK GIGI petite


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