The advantage of a WTO (no deal) Brexit


On leaving the EU we will be their largest customer. What business would voluntarily turn away between £80 and £100 billion of business per year?

The politicians of the UK and especially Europe have got this spectacularly wrong in allowing the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels to deal with our PM and her army of Civil Servants.

Firstly Mrs May should have invited the EU to London to discuss future terms of trade instead she went to Brussels and returned with the ‘worse deal in history’. i.e The UK paying £39 billion and remaining in The Customs Union whilst still following the laws of the EU Court of Justice for an indefinite period without being able to have any input. The indefinite period could last forever.

The EU business leaders should have taken control and come to the UK to entice us with offers in order to continue with our trade. Instead the politicians postured. The people of the EU will be rather worried that their products will become less competitive on 30 March and the UK will be able to shop elsewhere. Cities and towns could be affected and the ‘yellow vest’ movement that began in France could turn into a European revolution as violent as 1789 with politicians being hung from trees or cut down in the street.

A no deal Brexit will save the UK £39 billion and allow us to trade freely and without tariffs with the rest of the world. Currently the EU impose tariffs on much of the product that is supplied to Europe. Australian and New Zealand food is cheaper than EU farming products as are US, Argentinian and Chilean. The people of these nations eat healthy food and are not poisoned as the ‘Project Fear Warriors’ inform us.

A no deal or a WTO Brexit means the EU will have to pay us close to £3 billion a year trading at the current levels. The EU is imploding financially with many countries having debt in excess of 100% of their GDP and the Central Bank is unwilling to buy more worthless bonds to support economies failed by the EU experiment. Some of these countries like Italy have youth unemployment at over 30%. What will the people do if they cease trading with the UK? Does it bear thinking about?

The above explains why the UK has the upper hand and the reason that the EU should be begging the UK to continue to trade and offering us incentives. Instead the bureaucrats will lead them to revolution and the collapse of the EU.

Lawrence Mendoza; Political Correspondent

UKIP Chairman Brentwood & Ongar


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