The Labour councillor and the RPG pic

Bradford councillor Amir Hussain has been pictured holding an RPG launcher. Con Hussain who is on the Labour controlled executives health and social care committee and is paid some £37,000 a year by local taxpayers was pictured on Facebook with the weapon.

Recent victor in the Bradford West Bi-Election George Galloway said, ‘Respect was vehemently attacked by the Labour party after they made public a Facebook photograph of one of our candidates with a rifle on a dangerous aid mission in Afghanistan. Labour claimed he was unsuitable to stand for office. What will Labour say or do now about Councillor Hussain? It would be completely hypocritical of them if they don’t immediately suspend him and demand that he steps down from the council.

‘There is no way a rocket propelled grenade launcher can be described as a defensive weapon,’ added Galloway. ‘An RPG is for taking out tanks and armoured vehicles. To the left of the picture you can also see rifles propped up.’

Daily Sport say – I know some people are saying the streets of Britain are unsafe but Con Hussain seems to be taking “Safer Neighbourhoods” a little far.

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