Three In A Bog Session


Gadget Shop tycoon Chris Gorman and wife Mary have been arrested in a Florida night club for allegedly having a threesome in the toilet with an un-named man. Police claim they were called to Roxy in Florida by staff who had seen 3 people enter the toilets together and when police entered they allege the toilet was locked and Mrs Gorman performing a sex act on the un-named man while her husband watched. Police also claim that Mrs Gorman struck one of their officers.

Mrs Gorman has been charged with battery and drug possession while her husband is charged with ‘interfering’ with a law enforcement officer. The Gorman’s have not been charged with any indecency offences and have been allowed to return to Scotland. The un-named man was released without charge. The Gorman’s say they will fight the charges.

Daily Sport says – Clubs across the US have been reporting similar occurrences of late and this seems to be a crazy that is spread of toilet group sessions. We warn UK clubs to be on their guard.



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