TVX Swaps DD for 3D

UK adult channel Television X makes history this weekend when they broadcast the first 3D Porn film ever in the UK! That’s right the guys and girls at TVX have traded in DD for 3D just for your veiwing pleasure.

Viewers will be able to watch the anaglyph version movie using standard red and green glasses on from Friday 13th but those who have a 3D TV can watch the ‘Side by Side’ version which uses state of the art 3d technology.

In this one-off 3D special Television X follows a submissive Angel Long as she is initiated into the sex-mad world of The Society. Audiences can witness all the sex shenanigans of secret high class orgies as Miss Long takes them into this elite world.

The landmark film has been produced by top Brit bongo flick house Kaizen XXX who employed many techniques in order to make the 3D effects really impressive.

Daily Sport says – Get ready to be amazed with boobs and more popping out of your screens.

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