UCD stops Tanya Tate giving a talk

tanyatate_1One of Ireland’s top universities University College Dublin has stopped students hearing a talk by world renowned MILF and pornstar Tanya Tate. Bosses have stepped in and stopped REDHOT Tanya star of numerous films and a TVX favourite from giving a talk to the colleges Literary and Historical Society.

Tanya told DAILY SPORT “Though I am disheartened by the actions of the college authorities, I do believe there are discussions on the topic of adult entertainment to be had. And should the students of the UCD have any questions for me, I encourage them to contact me directly. I will compile the questions and on 19th September, the night I was originally intended to appear at the UCD, I will upload a video to my YouTube account with my responses. The college authorities may have prevented me from openly debating at the school, but I’ll be damned if I let them stop me from voicing my opinions and experiences to those who wish to hear them.”

Daily Sport says – Well UCD’s students loss is our readers gain.

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