We want our fanny’s back


BrexitBritish strippers are the latest victim of EU regulations. The EU directive entitled dancers 69;2016 means that the furry bush that used to be popular with many a punter has been outlawed. It is now an offence to take off your knickers in public without a clean shaven fanny or a manicured set of tram lines. The unshaven mysterious look loved by many has been banned by the Romanian Commissioner intent on imposing ideals on womanhood from his homeland.


British strippers and many Brazilian co-workers have raised objections at the highest level with David Cameron and other members of The Remain Campaign. Cameron promised to negotiate a better deal but was told that any hair longer than .025 cm hanging around the ladies region will be deemed restrictive to trade and subject to a fine.


Meanwhile Boris Johnson has said that a vote for Brexit will mean less restrictions and more hair.


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