FANNY-OKE now every C**t thinks they’re a STAR!

New crazy sweeping the WORLD in Lockdown girls posting FANNY-OKE videos of them masturbating to their favourite song whilst singing along.

But as with any new CRAZY there are always some wet blankets (excuse the pun) trying to put the BLOCK on it, OFCOM have BANNED Fanny-Oke from all UK TV networks after it emerged that a satellite channel was planning to run a FANNY-OKE game show which had a working title of ‘NAME THAT C**T’

They channel who we cannot name even approached BRITAIN’s favourite newspaper Daily Sport to run an advert for contestants which began ‘Want to be the next SINGING sensation? Have you got the C**t for it?! But after OFCOM’s intervention the advert was PULLED.

Original Blue Pill | Kubwa | Kanagarra | Private Blue Pill | Ann Summers Blue Pill

Head of the World Fanny-Oke Federation [WFF] Fanny Sing Kum who was SENSASTIONALLY banned from The Voice is currently petitioning the International Olympic Committee [IOC] to get FANNY-OKE added to the events for the postponed 2020 Japan Olympics.

Fanny told Daily Sport “Members of WFF have been practising all year for the chance to perform on the WORLD STAGE and the IOC need to listen.”

Daily Sport contacted the IOC for comment by they declined.

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