Is Hilter Britain’s Oldest Fare Dodger?


Well everyone though that Adolf Hitler was dead and buried but he has actually been found ALIVE & WELL and what’s more FARE DODGING on a London bus your DAILY SPORT can reveal.

The 129 year old NAZI was caught last week by TFL ticket inspectors on the 97 bus in Leyton in London’s East End one of the scenes of heavy KRAUT bombing during WW2.

DAILY SPORT reader Davey who witnessed him getting captured sent us a pic he snapped on his iPhone.

Dave said “When I got on the bus on my way back from cashing my GIRO I saw this old couple get on and though f**k me it bloody Hitler”

We are told by other passengers on the 97 bus that he was issued with a penalty fare notice, but TFL refused to confirm or deny this.

DAILY SPORT also contacted Guinness World Records to see if this was a RECORD for Britain’s oldest fare dodger but they too declined to comment.

DAILY SPORT says – You can see from Davey’s photo he still looks a NAZI bit of work.


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