17 Fights will rock The Troxy on September 3

ucmma 48 bannerIf you love combat, you will love UCMMA 48 on September 3 at London’s home of MMA The Troxy.  So many great fighters,  5 title fights and all of them 70kg and up. So there is a good chance we are going to see a few people going for an impromptu nap without a lullaby!


With the forever growing MMA scene in the UK, the flat out pace and passion of the one and only Dave O’Donnell we are really starting to see a super strong wave of world class MMA and K1 fighters. So when you have the opportunity to be able to see these type of cards, then its hard not to get to excited. UCMMA is a real pool of great fighters with an abundance of world class athletes and i am sure a few are on there way to the UFC. Here is just a few of the bouts on the UCMMA 48 Card being held at the Troxy on the 3rd of September


Josh Collins the current champ at 77KG. A legit fighter, unorthodox as shown time and again, confident and getting better and better. He is in for a tough, tough fight against Alex Lahore, who is relentless and a real threat on the ground always looking for the submission, so guys find it difficult to come on strong when on the ground, as they seem to just concentrate on not getting caught in a submission.



I have spoken with most of the guys on this card and there is not even a whisper of worry with these warriors. Everyone of them is buzzing about there fight. Paul dash is especially keen for the opportunity to get revenge against Micky Miller after he was stopped via TKO in their previous bout. He is super confident and has evolved massively in his fighting style and mental approach,.This is under K1 rules and for the 70kg title. Paul’s technical stand up game is epic. He is a part of the elite Fight Science where there is a number of world class athletes and world record holders so this is a stand out fight for me!


My Friend Nick Chapman is the owner of Fight Science and a absolute monster of a fighter and you can really see this shine through with the athletes based there.


Andy Manzolo and Pavel Doroftel will square off for the 84Kg title. Both big hitters, both aggressive and both wanting to nail there opponent to the cage floor. it will be an interesting fight, as i can see a quick finish or a battle of witts on setting each other up for a bomb.


Take it from me that this card is a awesome one , tighten your helmet straps and enjoy.


Keep watching and look out for more from me Terry “The Beak” Matthews!!!!!!!!!


Tickets available now from UCMMA BOX OFFICE

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