Beaumont talks before his war with Dagenham Dagger, Makunga Bunduku this weekend at UCMMA37



(Photo: Bill Beaumont | Credit: Tom Slezakowski)

Bill Beaumont is a Pro MMA Fighter with a Pro record of 1-0-0 and a Semi Pro record of 4-0-0.  So far he is undefeated in his MMA career and is soon to take on Makunga Bunduku on UCMMA 37 this weekend.

Bill fights out of Team Titan and Hillside ABC and found MMA when he was off of work for a long while and found himself getting bored.  He looked up grappling clubs and since then he and his brother Michael have been hooked on MMA.

In this interview we find out about Bill’s debut fight against Andy Cona and look ahead to his fight against Makunga and also discuss him being, in my opinion, the human action man!

Bill took on Andy Cona and defeated him at 1m20s of R1 by TKO.  We wanted to know how it felt for Bill to get that all important first win and also if he feels pressured to keep the undefeated record every time he fights.

“Yes that fight was a while ago now unfortunately, nearly eight months ago.  I felt okay to be honest, I had an opponent who pulled out and Andy stepped in which wasn’t ideal but no disrespect and fair play to him.

I don’t really feel any pressure; I put the pressure on myself to win any fight so the outcome of the last fight means nothing to me.  I just focus on the fight in front of me”.

Bill was due to fight Nathan Jones earlier this year and it was definitely a fight the fans wanted to see but sadly Bill was injured and head to pull out from the fight.  Naturally, we wonder what was wrong with Bill and if we can ever expect to see this fight in the future.

 “I was gutted about this pull out.  It is the first time for me but something I had to do due to a fractured left hand.  It was hard for me to tell people that I was going to pull out as so many were looking forward to the fight.  I needed to be alone for a while after that!

Thanks to Nathan that fight was so hyped up and would have been a good fight.  Nathan has recently been training down at Titan and we have had some good sparring together, so for as long as he is training at Titan then a fight is not an option but if he decided to stop training with us, I would be up for a fight.  Mr Bag and Tag isn’t a bad bloke to be fair”.

So two weeks today, Bill will be taking on Makunga Bunduku and we spoke to Bill about his thoughts on this fight, how training has been going and how he sees the fight playing out.  I had a feeling that Bill may keep this standing up as three out of four of Makunga’s wins have all come by submission.  Was my feeling right?

“Yeah Makunga!  I am excited about this fight.  I asked to fight him back in August and I have been training hard for him in all areas.  To be honest, I have never felt better. 

My training was a struggle to start with as I was training hard at night and working full time so I was in bits.  I decided to go part time whilst I am training and it has worked wonders.  I have to force myself to rest now! 

I know Makunga is big and strong and he likes saying AWOH after every sentence and he waves his fingers in front of his face before he fights.  I also know he is 4-0-0 but I like that! 

I am not too bothered if he does get me to ground but I will be looking to keep the fight standing as I think he will have a big disadvantage there.  He has fought in the UCMMA cage three more times than me but that isn’t a problem. 

I cannot predict how I will win but I WILL win”.

Looking to the future has Bill got his sights set on anyone in particular, how far does he feel he has come since starting out at Semi Pro and what motivates him to keep on at it?

“The future all depends on how this fight goes.  To be honest, I just want well matched fights, that is all really.

I have come a long way since I had my first fight.  The biggest evolution has been my conditioning, cardio and calmness.  I have started to use my long limbs rather than brawling in training and I am really looking forward to using these skills in the future.

My love for MMA keeps me motivated to train as much as I do and sacrifice the things I do to fight.  My brother Michael is a big motivation, we spend a lot of time together in the gym and that is enjoyable as well.  I have no goals but to win.  I fight because I enjoy training and progressing in this sport.  And I will go as far as I can as long as I am enjoying what I do”.

Anyone who has been to The Troxy in London for a UCMMA event will know that the fans are amazing when they are supporting their fighter.  Makunga fans are particularly loud so we wondered if Bill is bringing enough fans with him to out sing the Dagenham Posse.

“If I have the same turnout as my last fight, you won’t even know Makunga has any fans!  And I don’t think Makunga’s fans will enjoy the fight as much as mine will if you know what I mean”!

I only met Bill properly for the first time a few weeks ago and as soon as I had embarrassed myself with rambled introductions, I straight away knew that I had met the Human Action Man.  Always one to suggest names for fighters, how could I not suggest this to Bill?  Albeit, under the cover of an email rather than face to face!  As usual, my suggestion was turned down but Bill does already have a name in place and I am still quite happy as I discovered a new word whilst battling this out ‘chiselledness’.  Over to Bill for the final word on his nick name and to close with his thanks.  Of course, we thank Bill for his time and will be at UCMMA to watch all the action and catch up with him post fight.

“I must admit that “The Human Action Man” is a bit of a mouthful!  My friends and family chanted at the top of their voices back in April ‘SUUUUUUUUPER BILL’ so I have to give it to them and my official fight name is ‘Super’ Bill Beaumont.

I would like to thank my brother Michael Beaumont, Mickey Papas, Edgelson Lua, everyone that trains at Titan and all my friends and family that chant my name and support me at my fights – I am lucky to have you all”.

Interview by Suzy Athey


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