BKB 24 is now only hours away and I know that fight fans all over the world are looking forward to it as much as I am

I don’t think there’s anything quite like a night at one of our shows.

The atmosphere and the drama can’t be matched anywhere else.

The difference between BKB™ and every other combat show you see is that every fight on our show is 50-50 and could end at any moment!

There’s a different feel to a BKB™ show. There’s more tension, more electricity.

There are still a few tickets left for tomorrow night’s show if you fancy an unforgettable night out, but if you can’t make it, you can tune in on www.five.tv and watch at home, along with millions of others around the world.

We have welcomed two fighters from BYB in the States this week. We’ve shown them the same hospitality BYB showed to Barrie Jones and Toby Bindon when they went to Miami to fight just before Christmas – and now we’re looking forward to showing them what bareknuckle boxing is all about!

Paul Hilz and Scott McHugh are the BKB™ representatives tomorrow night so I hope you get behind our boys as they look to spank the Yanks!

The link up with BYB means BKB™ are the only UK company with a working relationship with American promoters.

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That helps our sport to grow and opens doors for our fighters.

Every one of our fighters in action tomorrow night will be hoping a big performance will lead to a fight in the States.

Toby Bindon discovered this week he will be fighting in Florida on March 12.

Wherever you are watching BKB 24, enjoy it.

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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