DID you see Tyson Fury offer to fight Anthony Joshua bareknuckle last week?

Tyson sent him a Tweet saying they should both bring along £20 million and settle it the old-fashioned way!

I guessed Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren wouldn’t allow it to happen, but I put it out there that we would have gladly staged the fight.

Tyson likes the idea of fighting “till 1 man quits.”

That isn’t quite how our shows work, but still, it’s good to know that the heavyweight champion of the world sees bareknuckle boxing as a true test of fighting spirit and ability.

If Tyson and AJ do want to settle their differences in a bareknuckle duel without getting arrested, they can find me on Facebook!

Tyson has already tried wrestling and has talked about fighting MMA as well, so who knows, maybe one day we will see him fighting on BKB™?

Then he could say: “Combat sports? Completed it!”

Tyson is one of the good guys and so are the two heavyweights we have going toe to toe on BKB 21 on Saturday, July 3.

Andrew Ross and Carl Hobley are big lads and I don’t advise spilling their pints – but when they go toe to toe at the O2 Arena they are doing it for charity.

Both are donating money from the fight to children’s charities.

Billy-Joe Saunders is planning to come along to BKB 21 to support Andrew.

They are good pals and it will be great to see Billy-Joe at our show.

I just hope we can squeeze him in!

Of course we will, but tickets are selling very, very well.

I knew people had been missing BKB™ shows because our YouTube views have rocketed during lockdown and pay-per-view sales of the lockdown shows were very good.

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I’m confident that BKB 21 and BKB 22, that goes ahead on August 14, will both sell out.

It will be so good to see the fans back.

It hasn’t been the same without you!

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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