SPARE a thought for our BKB™ fighters this Christmas and New Year


Because while you’ve been eating and drinking what you like, they’ve been training and dieting.

BKB 24 goes ahead at the O2 Arena on Saturday, January 22, so that meant Christmas was cancelled for the fighters on the show.

We have several big titles up for the grabs on the show with both the British middleweight and world heavyweight championships being contested.

According to my research, there hasn’t been a bareknuckle fight for the heavyweight championship of the world since July, 1889.

That was a clash between John L Sullivan and Jake Kilrain and Sullivan prevailed in the 75th round – after more than two hours of toe-to-toe fighting.

Bareknuckle boxing was illegal then and despute huge intetest in the fight, Sullivan and Kilrain were later arrested and tried.

Kilrain served a short sentence working on a farm, while Sullivan was acquitted.

The good news for Dorian Darch and Daniel Podmore is neither of them will end up behind bars after they fight next month!

The winner will walk away with the belt, the loser will know they were part of a historic night.

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Dorian and Daniel both have ‘Rocky’ stories to tell.                       

Dorian was looking for a way to make amends for the way his gloved boxing career ended when he found bareknuckle, while Daniel was a journeyman on the white-collar circuit before joining us.

Bareknuckle boxing really does change lives.

Happy new year to all followers of BKB™!

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown


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