THE future king of boxing is a fan of BKB™

I will be getting up in the early hours of Sunday morning to cheer on Billy-Joe Saunders as he knocks Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez off the top of the boxing world!

Everyone is agreed that ‘Canelo’ is boxing’s pound-for-pound No 1 and I’m sure Billy-Joe has the beating of him.

I’m a huge fan of Billy-Joe – and I’m glad to say he’s a huge fan of ours as well!

This week he reposted a Tweet from Andy Ross about his fight with Carl Hobley on our BKB 21 show at London’s O2 Indigo Arena on Saturday, July 3.

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Billy-Joe knows Andy well and knows that both he and Carl are fighting for good causes.

Andy and Carl are both donating money from the fight to poorly children.

Andy is fighting for Isla Caton, a four year old who suffers with a rare child cancer called Neuroblastoma, and Hobley is fighting for Aurora Kelly.

Aurora has Pallister Killian Syndrome that has left her blind and with a heart condition.

I’m proud that we have good guys fighting for BKB™.

I like to think out fighters are tough guys with big hearts.

To Andy and Carl, it’s just a fight and a way to raise money. It’s not a grudge fight.

They just enjoy the challenge of boxing bareknuckle and want to do good for others while they are doing it.

They are a great advertisement for BKB™.

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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