THE great news this week is that BKB 24 is definitely happening!

The Government’s announcement this week means we will see you all at the O2 Arena on Saturday, January 22 as planned.

There are big titles up for grabs and action and drama are guaranteed, as is the way at all our shows.

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BKB 24 is the first of six shows this year and by the end of 2022 I expect there to be a lot of new names on the lips of BKB™ fans.

I think more and more young fighters are seeing how the sport has grown and want to grow with it. We offer young fighters the chance to fight in front of a packed O2 Arena – and many millions more watching on television – and the link up with BYB means there’s also the chance to fight in America.

I can’t think of any other combat sport promoter in the world that gives those sorts of opportunities to fighters who sign up with them – and that’s why I expect more and more young fighters to come to us.

Ellis Shepherd last year became the youngest fighter on the BKB™ roster and he’s in action on BKB 24, against Jack McLean.

Both are young fighters who could have taken a different route, but they see opportunities in BKB™.

Toby Bindon is another young fighter who has committed his future to BKB™. If you saw his debut, you know will know that Toby is an exciting puncher and with his combat sports background, he would be wanted by K1, MMA and professional gloved boxing promoters.

Toby agrees with me and Jim that the future of BKB™ is very bright – and he wants to be a part of it.

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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