TONIGHT is the night BKB™ conquers America!


As I’m sure you know, Toby Bindon and Barrie Jones are representing us – and Great Britain – in Miami in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

We have sent them over to fight for their country against the top Americans from the Back Yard Boxing Extreme stable.

The fights are free to watch on the BYB Extreme channel on You Tube and my advice to anyone tuning in is: ‘Don’t blink!’

Toby won his BKB™ debut inside a round, Barrie has a 100 per-cent knockout record – and both are intent on scoring knockouts in the States as well.

If you look at our social media pages, you will see Toby and Barrie have arrived in Miami and have been working in gyms over there in preparation for their fights.

It looks sunny over there – but Toby and Barrie aren’t over there to enjoy themselves! They are there to fight.

We are told they are up against tough opponents – and they will need to be tough.

There’s a spicy Great Britain-USA rivalry simmering between the camps and we are all looking forward to seeing what the other is made of.

We have Toby and Barrie representing us tomorrow night and next month we welcome a couple of Back Yard Boxing’s fighters over here.

We will be matching two of them on BKB 24 that goes ahead at the O2 Arena on Saturday, January 22.

We’ve had a few Americans fight over here and Julian Lane even handed Jimmy Sweeney a rare loss that was swiftly avenged.

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I’m looking forward to seeing what the new breed of American bareknuckle boxers are made of!

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown


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