WELCOME to the world of the country’s fastest growing sport

Every week, I’m going to be giving Daily Sport readers the latest bareknuckle boxing news – and it’s going to be an exciting journey.

I set up this company five years ago with Jim Freeman and said from the start that I wouldn’t stop until bareknuckle boxing is massive – and every day, the sport is growing.

The shows used to be watched by hundreds and now the Indigo at the O2 Arena isn’t big enough for us.

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We regularly sell all 3,000 tickets for shows weeks in advance.

Remember that 3,000 tickets is a lot for a gloved boxing show. The York Hall in Bethnal Green only holds around 1,200 and how often is that full ?

So what is the appeal of bareknuckle boxing ?

We guarantee ACTION and in bareknuckle boxing, the best always fight the best. If Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua were with us, they would fight each other next. We don’t have the politics that gloved boxing has. There are no rival promoters or managers, just a bunch of gladiators who want to fight and because of that, we can make the fights the fans want to see.

If I’m ever talking to a fighter who gives the impression he wants to pick and choose who he fights, I tell him: ‘This game isn’t for you.’

We’ve been busy during the lockdown signing up some big names.

UFC legend Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett has resigned with us and that’s huge !

He fought for us once before and won in the first round. He doesn’t call himself ‘One Punch’ for nothing !

Another big name joined us this week.

Not many heavyweights have fought at world level in both gloved pro boxing and MMA – but Fabio Maldonado has and he’s joined us this week.

I’m so excited to have Fabio with us. Everyone loves watching the big boys because if they land cleanly, it’s good night and if you look at Fabio’s gloved boxing record on BoxRec, you will see he usually wins by knockout.

UFC fans also loved watching him fight.

Fabio was always in back-and-forth fights, usually won the fight-of-the-night award.

The lockdown period has actually been good for us.

As well as signing up some star names, our views on You Tube have almost doubled !

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People have been sitting at home with time on their hands and have discovered our fights are the most exciting fights you will find on You Tube !

In bareknuckle boxing, everyone fights to win. There are no journeymen, everyone gives their all. We aren’t looking to build prospects’ records by putting them in with soft opponents. It doesn’t matter if you sell 1,000 tickets, you still have to fight your heart out if you want to win.

I got sick of going to professional boxing shows and knowing that the fighter who sells the most tickets is going to win.

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Every bareknuckle boxing match is 50-50 – or we haven’t done our job.

We must be doing our job well because the phone is ringing every day. Fighters want to fight for us and television companies around the world want to show our fights.

Expect to read about more exciting news next week

Joe Smith-Brown