Yet another fighter ditches gloves to join BKB

This week another fighter has decided to ditch his boxing gloves and test himself in the country’s fastest-growing sport.

Gary Fox boxed for the English lightweight title on Sky Sports and after a spell away from the ring, he’s back and ready to fight BKB.

Gary needed a challenge and an audience to get him back down the gym – and our shows provide him with both.

The challenge is to fight bareknuckle where the punches hurt more and if you make a mistake, you end up on your back. Others have made the switch from pro gloved boxing and not all of them have found it to their liking !

Bareknuckle boxing is a different sport. The basic skills needed are similar, but you can’t hide behind your gloves in a bareknuckle fight and as any BKB fighter will tell you, it’s how you react when you get hit that tells you if you’re going to make it in this hardest of sports. Being hit bareknuckle is very different to being hit by a gloved fist.

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Our fighters also get to fight in front of 3,000 fans at the Indigo at O2 Arena and many millions more tuning in on Sky and around the world. Our fighters could be recognized in America, Holland, China and more than 20 other countries.

How many gloved pro boxers get the chance to perform in front of that sort of audience in their career ? Not many.

Because of this, my ‘phone is ringing every day with people telling me they can fight and want to be a part of BKB.

I don’t say ‘Yes’ to all of them.

They need to be good enough and every week I spend hours watching videos of fighters and trying to decide who’s good enough and who isn’t.

Fighters such as Jimmy Sweeney, Sean George and Ricardo Franco have set the bar high for BKB and we want fighters who can emulate them.

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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