Born To Fight will land at Troxy Dec 4

born to fightBorn To Fight is the REALITY show that beats all reality shows.

Guys from around the UK applied to be in Born to Fight , 16 guys 1 weight class 1 winner, with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, Born to Fight is the ultimate MMA Reality showThat UK fight fans have been waiting for!

Every man wants his moment of glory, they want their arm raised high, they want to stand above the rest, prove to himself he has what it takes, they want to be a king for a day and every man wants to be the KING OF THE CAGE.

Men from all over the UK apply then audition in front of 3 Judges who will then break all applicants down to just 16 men where 1 man could be a future star.

There are to be no professional fighters MMA or Boxing or guys who have competed at pro level our experienced panel of judges will know who has competed previously.

Once the fighters are picked the 16 contestants are then limo driven to gyms across the UK with the 16 fighters become 14, then 12 then 10 with the weakest fighters being eliminated from each gym as we go along.

We are then down to the final 10 which an Army based training camp eliminate 2 men getting down to the last 8 fighters going into the quarter finals, which will be at Troxy London Dec 4th semi’s Dec 19 then the Final will be in 2016 on UCMMA 46 Feb 6

And what a PRIZE the ultimate fighter from the 16 contestants has to look forward too. A 1 year contact with with TOP UK MMA promo outfit UCMMA, years free MMA traing at a top UK fight gym, the chance to fight on a TOP televised MMA fight card and if all that wasn’t enough they’ll be lead into the cage by the #TeamDailySport ringgirls.

This must be the prize aspiring fights have been dreaming about for years.

Tickets availbale now from the BOX OFFICE

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