We caught up with Nathan Jones after an impressive 38 sec win at UCMMA 37

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The Troxy in London on Saturday 30th November.  It can only mean one thing; UCMMA 37.  Pre-Christmas crackers in the name of MMA.  And once again it was Bag & Tag Season.  Nathan Jones stepped in the cage to face Ben Craggy in a fight that many assumed would be a stand and bang affair.  How wrong we all were.  The Daily Sport caught up with Nathan to chat about fight night and to find out how he is feeling with yet another win under his belt.


Firstly, getting the win is fantastic and we would like to say congratulation to you but wondered if you were surprised at just how quickly this fight was over?


Thank you very much!! Wow!!! What a feeling. Round 1 38s Rear Naked Choke. Still bagging and tagging.  I am still buzzing! Getting the win was almost as good as having sex – but by winning with a Bag & Tag finish it was just as good as sex. Wins in the fight game always get better as the more you fight the more that is riding on them and the more there is to lose. I was delighted to get a BAG and TAG victory! However, it is one of those things – I cannot get complacent as I am on to the next one.


You have a lot to show us with regards to your skills so do you feel disappointed that you don’t get to showcase more of your talent when you fight?  A win is a win of course, but does all the hard training done pre-fight feel a little crazy when you win with such ease?


I would love to showcase my skills however I don’t get paid overtime! It’s #bagandtagseason! When I fight, I have bad intentions. The result reflects how I train. I train to win, I train to finish. I train to BAG AND TAG. When I fight I am prepared and ready for 3 rounds of war.  Although the way I see it is, the quicker I can finish, the quicker I can get a stiff drink. The quick finish is my reward for the pain, sweat and tears in the gym. The calibre of fighter makes my win that much more impressive. Let’s not take anything away from Ben. He is a tough and experienced fighter that has been on the scene for years – he has great accomplishments to his name and been in wars. I would like to thank Ben for being a great sportsman!


Pre-fight and in the lead up to the walk in, how were you feeling ‘backstage’?  Were you nervous or calm? nathanpost2


I was a nervous wreck, thinking over the game plan and all the possible scenarios. But I had great guidance from my team that kept me relaxed and focused – Ashleigh Grimshaw, Jacek Toczydlowski, Chase ‘ET’ Morton, Jake Racz, as well as from head coaches, Wez Lucas and Mickey Papas of Combat Company and Team Titan respectively. By the time I was ready I was calm and collected like a cold assassin.


Talk us through the fight from your view point.  Did you expect more of a stand-up battle?


I was expecting longer than 38 seconds (I do normally last longer ;-)). Ben has a lot of power and like rock, paper scissors, I took him down to cancel the threat of his hands. I was expecting to execute my game plan as that is what I have prepared for. I was expecting a 1st round TKO. But just like Julian Kerr – if you leave your neck out for me – I am taking it home. Tap-out or blackout!


Who do you want to fight next on UCMMA?


There are a few names on the hit list that are good scalps for my record. Yet I only want to fight people that will further my career. So it all depends when I am next ready to fight.


Are you more determined to get the title shot now?


To be honest it would be great, especially as I was due to fight for it. But it is not my focus. It just puts an X on my head – everyone wants to be a champion. If I keep on winning then it will happen. I am going to keep doing me – bagging and tagging. www.mrbagandtag.com

Fans were out in force singing bag and tag. How does that spur you on?

It always spurs me on. Without the support I would not be Mr Bag&Tag – real talk! I enjoyed this fight as I had a lot of my supporters in the audience. They could see me in my element and Mr Bag & Tag staying true to the name. I finish 2013 unbeaten and on a 5 fight winning streak! I want to thank everyone that gave their support on and off the mats and that have believed in me…..that is Mr Bag&Tag and Nathan Jones. 2014 will be unlucky for my opponents. @da1nath1 on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, walk with me.

So Nathan didn’t hang around and said in his post-fight interview that he hadn’t even broken a sweat.  Some said Ben Craggy was more than Nathan could handle.  But he stepped in and literally after 38 seconds stepped out again.  We can’t wait to see who his next on his hit list and look forward to seeing more Bad&Tag in 2014.

By Suzy Athey

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