Daily Sport talks to MMA fighter and British Army Kingsman Bryan Creighton

DAILY SPORT interviews bantamweight MMA fighter and British Army Kingsman, Bryan

Creighton, ahead of his fight on the 1st December

PZ: Why did you get into Martial Arts?


BC: At the age of 6 my dad took me to a Jiu Jitsu academy with the rest of the family but once the instructor started shouting all my family (cousins) ran out but I enjoyed the discipline. I then progressed over the years to black belt at the age of 12. I then decided to undertake the challenge of full contact sports, that’s when the real fighting began.
PZ: Is there anybody else in your family who is into martial arts?


BC: No but a fighting blood line has to start somewhere
PZ: You have an interesting story as you are not only a successful martial artist but also a British Army Kingsman. How understanding are your superiors of your fighting career?
BC: I have full support of my from my commanding officers within The 2nd Battalion the Duke Of Lancaster’s Regiment. My regiment is renown for the ferocity into battle and famous through military history as boxing champions.
PZ: How important is it for you when your fellow soldiers turn up to support


BC: Having my fellow soldiers behind me , drives me on like the infantry mission statement ”to defeat the enemy through close combat”. We’re made for this sport.
PZ: You had an incredibly successful career as a Thai Boxer, winning a number of national and world titles from 2005 – 2010. What made you want to switch to MMA?


BC: Having competed all my life, winning national and world titles at Thai boxing and boxing I feel it’s a natural progression for me to enter the cage & try the different dynamics of a new sport.
PZ: How’s your training camp been going for your up and coming fight against Dawid

Farycki in Birmingham at BAMMA 11.


BC: It’s the hardest camp so far in my career as I know what’s at stake.
PZ: How much do you know about your opponent and do you have any concerns?


BC: I know he’s dangerous on the ground and will come out fighting which I prefer.
PZ: What will be your tactics on the 1st Dec and how do you see the fight going?


BC: I always predict the long run so anything else is a bonus.
PZ: Tell us a bit more about your team around you. Who trains you, promotes, cornerman etc….


BC: I’m short of nothing in my team. I have stand up coaches, wrestling & MMA coaches, Strength and conditioning coaches and a nutritionist. I also have amazing support from my family and friends.
PZ: Any nicknames as an MMA fighter?


BC: The Big Bad Wolf
PZ: You are currently unbeaten at 2-0. Where would you like to be in 12 months in your MMA career (day job allowing)?


BC: I have big aspirations. Maybe a pro MMA title from a major federation or numerous titles progressing through the ranks.
PZ: Tell us a bit more about your day job as a British Army Kingsman and what the role entails.

BC: I’m an infantry soldier, so day to day preparing for deployment and exercises, skill at arms and training to enhance my soldering skills
PZ: I believe you narrowly missed making Team GB with the discipline of Tae Kwon Do. Tell a bit more about that.


BC: Basically the skills I have already acquired throughout my fighting career, punching the head, striking to the legs, kneeing and sweeping I was not able to do in the discipline of tae kwon do. 1st round I punched to the head, caught the kick and sent the lad flying ha-ha. The sport wasn’t for me .
PZ: Tell the readers one thing about yourself that not many people know.


BC: I’m a big fan of hot yoga (at Yoga Nation)
PZ: If you could spar three rounds with any past or present MMA legend, who
would it be?


BC: Bruce Lee. He basically invented MMA. “Be like water”


PZ: A big thank you for your time and the very best of luck on the 1st December.


BC: Thanks. I aim to please

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