Daily Sport Talks to Welterweight Bradley Skeete

Team Super Skeete

DAILY SPORT caught up with unbeaten welterweight prospect and perfect gentleman  Bradley ‘Super’ Skeete ahead of his challenge for the Southern Area Title.

PZ:       Bradley, its 9pm and you have just finished a training run. Take us through your training today.


BS:       I was over at the TKO gym sparring at 11am this morning. Got stuck in straight away to six rounds of sparring, and then followed that with another four rounds on the bags.


Then at 5pm I came to our gym (iBox Gym, Bromley), met up with our strength and conditioner and did an hour with him, concentrating mainly on core work.  After that I did eight rounds of shadow boxing, and then stretched out.  To finish off with I did a four mile run this evening, and here I am now speaking to you!


PZ:       I need a Lucozade just listening to that!


BS:       Today was a hard day of training, but with the title fight coming up next month, I need to make sure I’m fit.


PZ:       I read on Twitter today that you were training at the TKO.  What’s the atmosphere like there with Team Tibbs?


BS:       They are a really good bunch. I know most of them from the amateurs, and we get on really well.  Mark (Tibbs) is always there to help, whether it be straight after a spar or during the rounds, giving advice, and the same goes for his dad Jimmy. Really good people.


PZ:       I believe you were sparring with Gary Corcoran today who I interviewed a couple of weeks ago. He’s supposed to be a promising prospect and hits hard! Any comments on Gary?


BS        He shocked me to be honest! I wasn’t expecting him to be as tough as he was, but he was non stop, and it was a tough six rounds. He’s constantly in your face and doesn’t give you a chance to breath.  He gave me a really good spar and I think he will do very well as a pro.


PZ:       Your 8 and 0 and won your last fight against Ross Payne by TKO in the 1st Round. How confident do you feel in advance of challenging Chas Symonds for the Southern Area title?


BS:       I feel really confident.  I’m also very respectful of Chas as he has fought some good boxers so far. We are both at crossroads now. He wants to aim for a British title, and I’m the new kid on the block looking to further his career by getting his first title, so our fight in September should be pretty explosive.


PZ:       Tell us how you see the fight going.


BS:       I’ve seen him fight a couple of times and he’s rough and tough. The sparring with Gary has done me good because I think Chas will come walking forward and will try and rough me up. I’m tall for the weight, so I will keep it nice and long and get him to walk on to some nice sharp jabs. I really believe I will get rid of him early.


PZ:       Who will you be sparring with in advance of this fight?


BS:       Before my last fight I did a few rounds with Lee Purdy. I would love to get some more ring time with him, as I learnt so much for him. I have the likes of Sam Webb in the gym, who is training for his title fight with Brian Rose, he has also been providing me with great sparring. Johnny Garton also trains and spars in our gym and is an unbeaten welterweight, and who also has a similar style to Chas.


PZ:       You are currently ranked 16th in the UK within the Welterweight division. Is there anybody in the top 15 you would like to call out in case they are reading this article?


BS:       I’m not really one for calling out people to be honest. I let Dean (Powell) my matchmaker make those decisions. He seems to do a good job of matching the right people at the right time for me, and I will fight anybody he puts in front of me.


PZ:       Is boxing your full time occupation?


BS:       I wish it was. I also have a cleaning job, and it works out nicely because the person I work for, Alan Smith, is also my trainer. He owns the company, so is very good when I need time off for sparring or training.


PZ:       Tell us where the nickname ‘Super’ came from.


BS:       (Bradley laughs!). Funnily enough I never had a nickname and then one of my mates, who started calling me ‘Super Skeete’, and the name stuck! So when I started boxing and they asked if I had a nickname, I replied “Super”!


PZ:       You had a fantastic career as an amateur, winning 72 out of 94 fights and a big accolade of titles. Did you not want to try out for the Olympics, or was there a moment when you decided, ‘it’s time to turn pro’?


BS:       Watching the TV at the moment and watching the boys (from Team GB) doing so well, I would have loved to have been there. Being friends with James De Gale gave me a great buzz and motivation to want to be a part of it, but I boxed at the ABA’s and lost, and then I boxed the year after and went out to Dudley O’Shaughnessy who when on to win it. After that I realised that I wasn’t going to get a look in around Sheffield, although I was well known on the English circuit. So I thought the time was right to turn pro. I was very happy with what I achieved as an amateur and was ready to start a new chapter.


PZ:       Do you model your boxing style on anybody?


BS:       Tommy Hearns. I like watching his fights on a regular basis, as he has done everything exactly the way I would like to do it. His game plan was based off the jab, and he had a wicked right hand, which I am now trying to develop the power for so when I hit people they start falling over. We also have about the same height and reach, so he’s a great role model for me.


PZ:       To make weight you need to keep to a strict diet. Which food do you find it hardest to resist during training?


BS:       I love a nice curry! I always sacrifice this before a fight, then after a fight I will take a few days off to enjoy my food again, which makes it a worthwhile treat.


PZ:       Tell us a bit about the team you work with.


BS:       Dean Powell is my Manager, Frank Warren promotes me, Alan Smith is my trainer along with Eddie Lamb, and Bob McDonald is my strength trainer and conditioner. I train with these guys at the iBox Gym in Bromley. You will find me there training every day apart from Saturday. It’s a great place with a great team.


PZ:       Looking longer term, how far do you think you can go?


BS:          Everybody dreams of being a world champion, and I realise that I can’t run before I can walk, but that is my long term goal. My plan is to start with the Southern Area and then hopefully work onto the English, British, Commonwealth, European and then a world title. It’s all about getting the right fights at the right time and making sure I stay dedicated to my training.


PZ:       In relation to your weight division, you are pretty tall. Any chance you might move up a weight division?


BS:       I know I’m big for the weight, and I have to work hard to get to that weight, but I’m happy with this division at the moment. There are some great fights out there at welter for me, and I would like to win a British title at welter before even considering a move up to super welter.


PZ:       If you could be the top bill at any boxing venue in the world where would it be?


BS:       Somewhere in La Vegas!


PZ:       If you could spar for one round with any past Welterweight legend, who would it be?


BS:       Thomas Hearns! With a similar height, weight and reach I would love to know how I would have got on. I would have had to make sure to steer clear of his right hand though!


PZ:       Tell the reader’s one thing about yourself which not many people know?


BS:       I get my eyebrows threaded!


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