DailySport catches up with welterweight Southern Area Champion, Ahmet Patterson


PZ:     How did you get into boxing?


AP:      In all honesty I think I was a bit of a hyperactive kid! I was always out on the street getting involved in naughty stuff and one day, when I was about 14 years old,  I walked past Fitzroy Lodge and was fascinated by the boxing gym, I went back the day after and the day after that, and the rest as they say is history.


PZ:     Any other members of your family who have boxed?


AP:      Nobody! I’m the first.

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PZ:      Your Twitter page has some interesting information. Let’s find out more! What’s the story behind the Twitter name @PattycakeDa1st   ?


AP:      When I was at school I was called Patty because of my surname ‘Patterson’, and then soon after it became Patty Cake. I’m ‘Da1st’ Ahmet Patterson, so that’s where it comes from!


PZ:      Your Twitter page also says you are a boxer, model, dancer, rapper and entertainer. Tell us more!


AP:      From a young age I loved dancing and then when I started boxing, I was always on the stage with one or the other and loved performing. I’m also really into my music, hence the rap. All of it comes together nicely and complement each other within my lifestyle.


PZ:      Are we looking at X-Factor somewhere along the line?


AP:      (Ahmet laughs!). No X-Factor at the moment Paul! I think I’ll stick with my boxing career and will continue with the dancing and music and see how far that can also take me.


PZ:     You are taking on Chad Gaynor for the English welterweight title on 12th September. What do you know about Chad?


AP:      He’s a good fighter who’s ranked highly in the UK and I think we will both be coming out with sparks flying. That said, he’s literally just ahead of me on those rankings! I’ve seen him box and like his style, but I say I’ll beat him on the 12th!


PZ:      Any messages for him if he’s reading this?


AP:      Chad – give it your all mate! I’ll be giving it my all and I think we can make this a great fight for the fans.


PZ:      Early days, but how’s the training camp going for this one?


AP:      I feel ready now and the fight is six weeks away. I always keep myself in good shape even in between fights. If you ever need to find me, there’s a good chance I’m at the Peacock training.


PZ:     Tell me more about the team around you.


AP:      Martin Bowers is my trainer and everything in fact. He’s a mentor, a coach and the best person I could have in my corner. No to mention he does a great job running the Peacock gym.


PZ:      Where would you like to be in 12 months time in your boxing career?


AP:      That’s a long way away Paul! Ideally, I would like to have won the British title and be looking at making those defences to win the Lonsdale belt.


PZ:     Apart from Chad, are there any British welterweights you would like to challenge at present or in the coming months?


AP:      From day one I’ve never been the sort of person to call anybody out. I fight to get the belts, not to face a specific person – I’m not interested in their personal lives. I look at it as a business and if you let any emotion cloud your judgement, that’s when it becomes dangerous.


PZ:     Who’s the best welterweight in the world right now in your opinion?


AP:      Floyd Mayweather!


PZ:     Who wins at welterweight in 2009 between Mayweather and Pacquiao?


AP:      I’d still go with Floyd!


PZ:     Who gave you the nickname, ‘Punch Picker’?


AP:      Martin Bowers. In the early days he was analysing the way I was fighting and one day said, ‘You pick your punches really well.’ And it went from there.


PZ:     Tell the readers one thing about yourself which not many people know.                                            


AP:      I’m scared of moths! If one flies into the room or I open a drawer and one flies out, I run straight out of the room until I know it’s out of there!


PZ:      If you could spar three rounds with any past boxing legend, who would it be?


AP:      If it was current day, Floyd Mayweather. Past legend would have to be Ricky Hatton.



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