DailySport Exclusive with Randy Caballero ahead of his world title eliminator with former world champ Jamie McDonell

RandyCPZ:      How did you get into boxing?


RC:     Boxing runs in my family. My dad was a boxer (Marcos) and my brother Robert also boxes. As I kid I remember him taking me to the gym and to be honest it just became part of my life growing up – which I loved!


PZ:      Tell me about your amateur career.


RC:     I had about 170 wins as an amateur of which I lost 10. We used to fight every weekend, so it didn’t take long to build up the record.


PZ:      Any boxers you fought as an amateur who have now become good pros?


RC:     The only one which comes to mind is Frankie Gomez who is currently 16-0 and fights at welterweight. I fought him twice many years ago when we weighed not even 100 pounds! I won both times.


PZ:      Toughest pro fight so far?


RC:     I wouldn’t be able to pin point one fighter that has been my toughest. Each fight I’m having is getting tougher and tougher as I step up in the calibre of my opponent. In that way, when I fight for the world title I’m prepared.

RandyC (5) 

PZ:      What do you know about Jamie McDonnell?


RC:     We know he’s tall with a long reach, likes to keep his distance and also likes to run a little bit.


PZ:      How’s the training camp going for the fight against Jamie on the 19th April?


RC:     We’re ready for Jamie. We are training hard and although the training camp has just started we are going to make sure we take care of business in Manchester, but most importantly put on a great show for everybody in the UK, because I know how much you guys love your boxing.


I feel very fit and ready to go, but also calm and focused. Two months from now I will be in even better shape and hungry to jump in that ring. This fight is going to change my career. It’s a world title eliminator and will get me to that title that I’ve been dreaming of. Jamie had the chance to live for that little bit of time as a world champion but that’s the only chance he’s going to get, because when I go out there in April, I’m going to show how much hungrier I am than him and I’m going to win.


PZ:      Tell me a bit more about the team around you.


RC:     My father trains me. I wouldn’t change my dad for any other trainer in this world. I came into this sport with him and going to leave with him after accomplishing everything I need to.


My cut man is Espinoza and Jesse Garcia is my publicist. My family are also a major part of my team. Without their encouragement and motivation I wouldn’t have been able to reach where I am today.

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PZ:      Your best assets as a boxer?


RC:     I study my opponent in the early rounds and then by the later rounds wear them down so they can’t take any more.


PZ:      You are currently rated as Number 1 in the USA as a bantamweight, but 52nd in the world rankings. Where would you like to be in 12 months time in terms of rankings and titles?


RC:     I want to be on top! I know that’s everybody’s goal, but I’m going to make sure I get there. All I have to do is keep training hard and take care of business with each opponent which is put in front of me.


PZ:      What’s it like to have Golden Boy Promotions in your corner?


RC:     It’s a big plus and motivation for myself knowing that I’m with possibly the biggest company in the sport of boxing. They have taken care of me since the day I joined GBP and like my dad, I wouldn’t change them either.


PZ:      If Jamie McDonnell is reading this article, do you have a message for him?


RC:     I hope you are ready, because I’m ready to come to your hometown and put on a great performance. I don’t intend coming home on that plane disappointed. I hope you are more than 100% ready for the fight because I’m ready to take it to you.


PZ:      Who gave you the nickname ‘El Matador?


RC:     The name was given to me at the gym. After a couple of fights we were playing around with names and somebody came up with El Matador and I guess we just ran with it!


PZ:      Tell the readers one thing about yourself which not many people know.


RC:     I love to play Bachata music!


PZ:      If you could spar three rounds with any past boxing legend, who would it be?


RC:     It would have to be the Nicaraguan legend Alexis Arguello.







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