DailySport interviews pro welterweight boxer Luke Fowler


PZ:     How did you get into boxing?


LF:      I was a bit of a little sh*t when I was at school, and found myself constantly getting into trouble. My dad then decided to send me boxing to get a discipline, and it went from there really. I was about 11 years old at the time and I have to say that it turned me around, and made me respect those around me far more, which consequently kept me out of trouble.


Nobody else has boxed in my family before. Although my dad is a maxing boxing fan, he never actually got into the training.


PZ:     Tell us about your amateur career.


LF:      I was with Rayleigh, and then left Rayleigh with Les Cook and went to Billericay Gym.  I had about 25 fights and won 17.


PZ:      What made you want to turn pro?


LF:      When I was younger my dad always told me that I’ve either got be really good at school, or good at sport to get ahead in my life. I picked sport, which worked well as I got kicked out of school. When I got my pro licence I had only just turned 18, and they wanted to make sure I could fight, so they made me spar with Tom Glover before handing it over. Thankfully they were impressed and the rest is history.


A reason why I left the amateurs was because I’m quite small, and the amateur game revolves around scoring points by jumping in and out with jabs, and with my height and style of boxing I always knew I would be suited to the pro game.


PZ:     You are fighting on the 5th April. Has an opponent been confirmed?


LF:      Haven’t as yet. I keep training with the mentality that my opponent is training harder than I am to keep me sharp, irrespective of who they are.


PZ:     Take us through what the training camp for this fight will be like.


LF:      Firstly you have to remember I have a day job as a dustman, so I’m up at 5am and working hard up to anywhere between 2:30pm – 4pm. After that I fit a 4-6 mile run in per day, including one long run per week, and then in the evening I go to the gym around 7pm doing my skipping, bags, sparring etc. I do this 6 days per week.


PZ:     Tell us about the team around you.


LF:      Coach Kevin Campion is the main person I work with and have known him for years. He owned the corner shop near us, and I used to be round there all the time buying sweets as a little kid! Then he started boxing and we went from there. A top guy and a great trainer.


Steve Goodwin promotes me.


PZ:     I’ve interviewed Kevin Campion a couple of times in recent months and he seems to be the trainer for the boxing world to keep their eyes on. What influence has he been on your training?


LF:      He’s as good as gold and would help anyone out. I can’t fault him as a person or a boxing trainer. Don’t get me wrong, we have our arguments in the gym like everybody else, but that what happens when somebody is telling you to eat stuff you don’t want to eat and then start shouting at you to work hard, it’s to be expected!! I know he’s doing it for my benefit, and every day I spend with him I know I’m becoming a better boxer.


PZ:     I believe you have also spent some time training with Bobby Rimmer. Tell us more about that….


LF:      Brilliant. We went down there for a week and it was so different. There’s things he does at his gym which he swears by; like jumping a bar. When I first saw the boxers at his gym hopping over this bar I thought firstly, what the hell is this, and secondly, how the hell am I going to do it?!!


By the end of the week I got the hang of it, and we have adopted this as part of our training at our gym now. I have a bit of a laugh when I see some of the lads trying it for the first time, or the expression on their faces when they see it being done for the first time, as I’ve been there myself!


PZ:     Where did the nickname ‘Lights Out’ come from?


LF:      I think it began at my old gym where a sponsor saw how hard I punched for my weight category, and it stuck from there really.


PZ:     You have age on your side at the moment. Where do you see yourself in two years time?


LF:      I’m realistic. I don’t expect to be going for a world title in 6 months. I want to work my way up the rankings. In two years time I want to be in 10 and 12 round fights, and hopefully challenging for a title.


PZ:     Who’s the best welterweight in the world in your opinion?


LF:      Either Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao.


PZ:     Who wins between Floyd and the Pac Man?


LF:      Ask me that question once they have fought! (PZ laughs!!). I think Floyd wins. He’s just too smart.


PZ:     Tell us one thing about yourself not many people know.


LF:      Me and my girlfriend own a horse!


PZ:     If you could spar three rounds with any past boxing legend, who would it be?


LF:      Mike Tyson


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